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Manual Reference Pages  -  FLV::BODY (3)

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FLV::Body - Flash video file data structure



See FLV::Info


This is a subclass of FLV::Base.
$self->parse($fileinst) Takes a FLV::File instance and extracts the FLV body from the file stream. This method throws exceptions if the stream is not a valid FLV v1.0 or v1.1 file.

There is no return value.

$self->clone() Create an independent copy of this instance.
$self->serialize($filehandle) Serializes the in-memory FLV body. If that representation is not complete, this throws an exception via croak(). Returns a boolean indicating whether writing to the file handle was successful.
$self->get_info() Returns a hash of FLV metadata. See File::Info for more details.
$self->get_tags() Returns an array of tag instances.
$self->set_tags(@tags) Replace all of the existing tags with new ones. For example, you can remove all audio from a movie like so:

  $body->set_tags(grep {!$_->isa(FLV::AudioTag)} $body->get_tags);

$self->get_video_frames() Returns the video tags (FLV::VideoTag instances) in the FLV stream.
$self->get_video_keyframes() Returns just the video tags which contain keyframe data.
$self->get_audio_packets() Returns the audio tags (FLV::AudioTag instances) in the FLV stream.
$self->get_meta_tags() Returns the meta tags (FLV::MetaTag instances) in the FLV stream.
$self->last_start_time() Returns the start timestamp of the last tag, in milliseconds.
$self->set_meta($key, $value, ...); These are convenience functions for interacting with an onMetadata tag at time 0, which is a common convention in FLV files. If the zeroth tag is not an FLV::MetaTag instance, one is created and prepended to the tag list.

See also get_value and set_value in FLV::MetaTag.

$self->merge_meta() Consolidate zero or more meta tags into a single tag. If there are more than one tags and there are any duplicate keys, the first key takes precedence.
$self->make_header() Create a new header from the body data.


See FLV::Info
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