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Manual Reference Pages  -  FILE::KEEPASS::AGENT::UNIX (3)

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File::KeePass::Agent::unix - platform specific utilities for Agent



This module provides unix based support for the File::KeePassAgent. It should work for anything using an X server. It should not normally be used on its own.


The following methods must be provided by an FKPA OS variant.
read_config Takes the name of a key to read from the configuration file. This method reads from $HOME/.config/keepassx/config.ini.
prompt_for_file Requests the name of a keepass database to open.
prompt_for_pass Requests for the password to open the choosen keepass database. It is passed the name of the file being opened.
grab_global_keys Takes a list of arrayrefs. Each arrayref should contain a shortcut key description hashref and a callback.

    $self->grab_global_keys([{ctrl => 1, shift => 1, alt => 1, key => "c"}, sub { print "Got here" }]);

The callback will be called as a method of the Agent object. It will be passed the current active window title and the generating event.

   $self->$callback($window_title, \%event);

This method use X11::Protocol to bind the shortcuts, then listens for the events to happen.

send_key_press Takes an auto-type string, the keepass entry that generated the request, the current active window title, and the generating event.

This method uses X11::GUITest to type the chosen text to the X server.


These methods are not directly used by the FKPA api.
home_dir Used by read_config to find the users home directory.
x Returns an X11::Protocol object
keymap Returns the keymap in use by the X server.
keysym Returns the keysym id used by the X server.
keycode Takes a key - returns the appropriate key code for use in grab_global_keys
is_key_pressed Returns true if the key is currently pressed. Most useful for items like Control_L, Shift_L, or Alt_L.
are_keys_pressed Takes an array of key names and returns which ones are currently pressed. It has a little bit of caching as part of the process of calling is_key_pressed. Returns any of the key names that are pressed.
attributes Takes an X window id - returns all of the attributes for the window.
property Takes an X window id and a property name. Returns the current value of that property.
properties Takes an X window id - returns all of the properties for the window.
wm_name Takes an X window id - returns its window manager name.
all_children Returns all decended children of an X window.


Paul Seamons <paul at seamons dot com>


This module may be distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.
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