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Manual Reference Pages  -  JQUERY::SPLITTER (3)

.ds Aq ’ $(#ID).splitter({
        type: v,
        minA: 100, initA: 150, maxA: 300,
        accessKey: | })


JQuery::Splitter - Split into panes



Version 1.00


JQuery::Splitter is used to split an area into two panes. This can be extended to three or more by nesting

    use JQuery;
    use JQuery::Splitter ;
    my $splitter1 = JQuery::Splitter->new(id => MySplitter,
                                          addToJQuery => $jquery,
                                          browserFill => 1,
                                          type => v,
                                          HTML1 => $leftHTML, HTML2 => $rightHTML) ;


This module is a bit more complicated than others, since CSS needs to be set to get good results. For complete information see <>

    my $mainPanelCSS = new JQuery::CSS(hash => {#MySplitter => {min-width => 500px, min-height => 300px, border => 4px solid #669}}) ;
    my $panel1CSS = new JQuery::CSS(hash => { #LeftPanel => {background => blue, padding => 8px}}) ;
    my $panel2CSS = new JQuery::CSS(hash => { #RightPanel => {background => yellow, padding => 4px}}) ;
    my $splitter1 = JQuery::Splitter->new(id => MySplitter,
                                          addToJQuery => $jquery,
                                          browserFill => 1,
                                          type => v, accessKey => "I",  panel1 => LeftPanel, panel2 => RightPanel,
                                          mainPanelCSS => $mainPanelCSS,
                                          panel1CSS => $panel1CSS,
                                          panel2CSS => $panel2CSS,
                                          panel1Params => {minA => 100, initA => 100, maxA => 1000},
                                          splitBackGround => pink,
                                          splitActive => red,
                                          splitHeight => 6px,
                                          splitRepeat => 1,
                                          HTML1 => $leftHTML, HTML2 => $rightHTML) ;

Have a look at the splitter examples.
addToJQuery Add the item to JQuery
browserFill Set this to 1 if you want the panel to fill the whole page
type Set to h for horizontal split and v for vertical split
accessKey Allows user access to a splitter bar through the keyboard
panel1 Give an id to the left/top panel
panel2 Give an id to the right/bottom panel
mainPanelCSS Define CSS for the main panel
panel1CSS Define CSS for the left/top panel
panel2CSS Define CSS for the right/bottom panel
minA Minimum size for the panel
initA Initial size for the panel
maxA Maximum size for the panel
minB Minimum size for the panel
initB Initial size for the panel
maxB Maximum size for the panel
splitBackGround Define the colour for the background of the splitter bar
splitActive Define the colour for the splitter bar when it is active
splitHeight Define the size of the splitter bar
HTML1 Set the HTML for the top/left panel
HTML2 Set the HTML for the bottom/right panel
internalPanel If panels are put one inside another, the internal panels must have this flag set. The splitter bars take all their definitions from the outermost panel. That is, they cannot be changed.


HTML Get the HTML for the object
new Instantiate the object
setHTML1 Set HTML1 for the object
setHTML2 Set HTML2 for the object


Peter Gordon, <peter at>


Please report any bugs or feature requests to bug-jquery-taconite at, or through the web interface at <>. I will be notified, and then you’ll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc JQuery

You can also look for information at:
o AnnoCPAN: Annotated CPAN documentation


o CPAN Ratings


o RT: CPAN’s request tracker


o Search CPAN




Copyright 2007 Peter Gordon, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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