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Manual Reference Pages  -  JIFTY::PARAM (3)

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Jifty::Param - Parameters for Jifty actions



Describes a parameter to a Jifty::Action object. Do not construct this by hand — use Jifty::Param::Schema in the action package to declare parameters instead.


Although this class is not derived from <B>Jifty::Web::Form::FieldB>, it does share the accessors from it; see Jifty::Web::Form::Field, for the list of possible keys that each parameter can have.

In addition to the list there, you may use these additional keys:
constructor A boolean which, if set, indicates that the argument <B>mustB> be present in the arguments passed to create the action, rather than being expected to be set later.

Defaults to false.

valid_values An array reference. Each element should be either:
o A hash reference with a display field for the string to display for the value, and a value field for the value to actually send to the server.
o A hash reference with a collection field containing a Jifty::Collection, and display_from and value_from fields containing the names of methods to call on each record in the collection to get display and value.
o A simple string, which is treated as both display and value.
available_values Just like valid_values, but represents the list of suggested values, instead of the list of acceptable values.
sort_order An integer of how the parameter sorts relative to other parameters. This is usually implicitly generated by its declaration order.


Creates a new Jifty::Param object. Note that unlike Jifty::Web::Form::Field, the object is never magically reblessed into a subclass. Should only be called implicitly from a Jifty::Param::Schema declaration.
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