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Manual Reference Pages  -  JIFTY::PLUGIN::CLASSLOADER (3)

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Jifty::Plugin::ClassLoader - Automatically generates application classes



Jifty::Plugin::ClassLoader loads additional model and action classes on behalf of the application out of the configured plugin classes. Unlike, Jifty::ClassLoader, this class will only autogenerate classes if the plugin provides them. The plugin classes are checked before the base Jifty classes, so that a plugin can override the Jifty class, just as any existing application classes will be loaded first.


Returns a new ClassLoader object. Doing this installs a hook into @INC that allows Jifty::Plugin::ClassLoader to dynamically create needed classes if they do not exist already. This works because if use/require encounters a blessed reference in @INC, it will invoke the INC method with the name of the module it is searching for on the reference.

Takes two mandatory arguments, base, which should be the application’s base path; and plugin which is the plugin classname.


The hook that is called when a module has been require’d that cannot be found on disk. The following stub classes are auto-generated:
Application An empty application base class is created that doesn’t provide any methods or inherit from anything.
Application::Record An empty class that descends from Jifty::Record is created.
Application::Collection An empty class that descends from Jifty::Collection is created.
Application::Notification An empty class that descends from Jifty::Notification.
Application::Dispatcher An empty class that descends from Jifty::Dispatcher.
Application::Bootstrap An empty class that descends from Jifty::Bootstrap.
Application::Upgrade An empty class that descends from Jifty::Upgrade.
Application::CurrentUser An empty class that descends from Jifty::CurrentUser.
Application::Model::AnythingCollection If Application::Model::Something is a valid model class, then it creates a subclass of Jifty::Collection whose record_class is Application::Model::Something.
Application::Action::(Create or Update or Delete)Anything If Application::Model::Something is a valid model class, then it creates a subclass of Jifty::Action::Record::Create, Jifty::Action::Record::Update, or Jifty::Action::Record::Delete whose record_class is Application::Model::Something.


Loads all of the application’s Actions and Models. It additionally require’s all Collections and Create/Update actions for each Model base class — which will auto-create them using the above code if they do not exist on disk.


When the ClassLoader gets garbage-collected, its entry in @INC needs to be removed.
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