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Manual Reference Pages  -  MAIL::FOLDER::MAILDIR (3)

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Mail::Folder::Maildir - A maildir folder interface for Mail::Folder.

WARNING: This code is in alpha release. Expect the interface to change.



use Mail::Folder::Maildir;


This module provides an interface to the <B>maildirB> folder mechanism.

The <B>maildirB> folder format is the preferred folder mechanism for the <B>qmailB> mail transport agent. It uses directories as folders and files as messages. It also provides separate directories for new and current messages. One of the most distinguishing features of the maildir format is that it accomplishes it’s job without the need for file locking, so it’s better equipped to deal with things like nfs mounts and the like.

More information about qmail is available from



Populates the Mail::Folder object with information about the folder.
o Call the superclass open method.
o Make sure it is a valid maildir folder.
o Detect whether the folder is readonly.
o Clean the folder tmp directory.
o Move message in folder new directory into the cur directory.
o Clean up the folder tmp directory.
o Moves message file in new directory to the cur directory.
o For every message in the folder, add a new message number to the list of messages in the object, and remember the association between the message number and the message filename.
o Set current_message to 1 (ugh).


Deletes the working copy of the folder and calls the superclass close method.


o Call the superclass sync method.
o Scan for new messages and absorb them.
o If the folder is not readonly, expunge messages marked for deletion.
o Update the :info portion of each file in the folder.
o Return the quantity of new messages found.


Calls the superclass pack method. Reassociates the filenames in the folders to message numbers, deleting holes in the sequence of message numbers.


Call the superclass get_message method.

Retrieves the contents of the file pointed to by $msg_number into a <B>Mail::InternetB> object reference, caches the header, marks the message as ’seen’ and returns the reference.


Call the superclass get_message_file method.

Retrieves the given mail message file pointed to by $msg_number and returns the name of the file.


If the particular header has never been retrieved then get_header loads the header of the given mail message into a member of $self->{Messages}{$msg_number} and returns the object reference

If the header for the given mail message has already been retrieved in a prior call to get_header, then the cached entry is returned.


Calls the superclass append_message method.

Writes a temporary copy of the message in $mref to the folder tmp directory, then moves that temporary copy into the folder cur directory.

It will delete the From_ line in the header if one is present.

update_message($msg_number, CW$mref)

Calls the superclass update_message method.

Writes a temporary copy of the message in $mref to the folder tmp directory, then moves that temporary copy into the folder cur directory, replacing the message pointed to by $msg_number.

It will delete the From_ line in the header if one is present.


Returns 1 if the folder is a directory and contains tmp, cur, and new subdirectories otherwise returns 0.


Creates a new folder named $foldername. Returns 0 if the folder already exists, otherwise returns 1.


Kevin Johnson <>


Copyright (c) 1996-1998 Kevin Johnson <>.

All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Hey! <B>The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:B>
Around line 183: You forgot a ’=back’ before ’=head2’
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