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Manual Reference Pages  -  MAIL::SENDEASY (3)

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Mail::SendEasy - Send plain/html e-mails through SMTP servers (platform independent). Supports SMTP authentication and attachments.



This modules will send in a easy way e-mails, and doesn’t have dependencies. Soo, you don’t need to install libnet.

It supports SMTP authentication and attachments.



  use Mail::SendEasy ;

  my $mail = new Mail::SendEasy(
  smtp => localhost ,
  user => foo ,
  pass => 123 ,
  ) ;
  my $status = $mail->send(
  from    => ,
  from_title => Foo Name ,
  reply   => ,
  error   => ,
  to      => ,
  cc      => ,
  subject => "MAIL Test" ,
  msg     => "The Plain Msg..." ,
  html    => "<b>The HTML Msg...</b>" ,
  msgid   => "0101" ,
  ) ;
  if (!$status) { print $mail->error ;}


  use Mail::SendEasy ;

  my $status = Mail::SendEasy::send(
  smtp => localhost ,
  user => foo ,
  pass => 123 ,
  from    => ,
  from_title => Foo Name ,
  reply   => ,
  error   => ,
  to      => ,
  cc      => ,
  subject => "MAIL Test" ,
  msg     => "The Plain Msg..." ,
  html    => "<b>The HTML Msg...</b>" ,
  msgid   => "0101" ,
  ) ;
  if (!$status) { Mail::SendEasy::error ;}


    new (%OPTIONS)

smtp The SMTP server. (Default: localhost)
port The SMTP port. (Default: 25)
timeout The time to wait for the connection and data. (Default: 120)
user The username for authentication.
pass The password for authentication.

    send (%OPTIONS)

from The e-mail adress of the sender. (Only accept one adress).
from_title The name or title of the sender.
reply E-mail used to reply to your e-mail.
error E-mail to send error messages.
to Recipient e-mail adresses.
cc Adresses to receive a copy.
subject The subject of your e-mail.
msg The plain message.
html The HTML message. If used with MSG (plain), the format multipart/alternative will be used. Readers that can read HTML messages will use the HTML argument, and readers with only plain messages will use MSG.
msgid An ID to insert in the e-mail Headers. The header will be: Msg-ID: xxxxx
anex Send file(s) attached. Just put the right path in the machine for the file. For more than one file use ARRAY ref: [’file1’,’file2’]

** Will load all the files in the memory.

zipanex Compress with zip the ANEX (attached) file(s). All the files will be inside the same zip file.

If the argument has the extension .zip, will be used for the name of the zip file. If not, the file will be, and if exist only one ANEX, the name will be the same of the ANEX, but with the extension .zip.

** Need the module Archive::Zip installed or the argument will be skipped.

** This will generate the zip file in the memory.


Mail::SendEasy::SMTP, Mail::SendEasy::AUTH, HPL.

<B>This module was created to handle the e-mail system of HPL.B>


Graciliano M. P. <>

I will appreciate any type of feedback (include your opinions and/or suggestions). ;-P


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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