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Manual Reference Pages  -  MAIL::SPAMASSASSIN::CONF::PARSER (3)

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Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::Parser - parse SpamAssassin configuration



  (see Mail::SpamAssassin)


Mail::SpamAssassin is a module to identify spam using text analysis and several internet-based realtime blacklists.

This class is used internally by SpamAssassin to parse its configuration files. Please refer to the Mail::SpamAssassin documentation for public interfaces.


This is the structure of a config-setting block. Each is a hashref which may contain these keys:
setting the name of the setting it modifies, e.g. required_score. this also doubles as the default for ’command’ (below). THIS IS REQUIRED.
command The command string used in the config file for this setting. Optional; ’setting’ will be used for the command if this is omitted.
aliases An [aryref] of other aliases for the same command. optional.
type The type of this setting:

 - $CONF_TYPE_NOARGS: must not have any argument, like "clear_headers"
 - $CONF_TYPE_STRING: string
 - $CONF_TYPE_NUMERIC: numeric value (float or int)
 - $CONF_TYPE_BOOL: boolean (0/no or 1/yes)
 - $CONF_TYPE_TEMPLATE: template, like "report"
 - $CONF_TYPE_ADDRLIST: list of mail addresses, like "whitelist_from"
 - $CONF_TYPE_HASH_KEY_VALUE: hash key/value pair, like "describe" or tflags
 - $CONF_TYPE_STRINGLIST list of strings, stored as an array
 - $CONF_TYPE_IPADDRLIST list of IP addresses, stored as an array of SA::NetSet
 - $CONF_TYPE_DURATION a nonnegative time interval in seconds - a numeric value
                      (float or int), optionally suffixed by a time unit (s, m,
                      h, d, w), seconds are implied if unit is missing

If this is set, and a ’code’ block does not already exist, a ’code’ block is assigned based on the type.

In addition, the SpamAssassin test suite will validate that the settings do not ’leak’ between users.

Note that $CONF_TYPE_HASH_KEY_VALUE-type settings require that the value be non-empty, otherwise they’ll produce a warning message.

code A subroutine to deal with the setting. ONE OF <B>codeB> OR <B>typeB> IS REQUIRED. The arguments passed to the function are ($self, $key, $value, $line), where $key is the setting (*not* the command), $value is the value string, and $line is the entire line.

There are two special return values that the <B>codeB> subroutine may return to signal that there is an error in the configuration:

$Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::MISSING_REQUIRED_VALUE — this setting requires that a value be set, but one was not provided.

$Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::INVALID_VALUE — this setting requires a value from a set of ’valid’ values, but the user provided an invalid one.

$Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::INVALID_HEADER_FIELD_NAME — this setting requires a syntactically valid header field name, but the user provided an invalid one.

Any other values — including undef — returned from the subroutine are considered to mean ’success’.

It is good practice to set a ’type’, if possible, describing how your settings are stored on the Conf object; this allows the SpamAssassin test suite to validate that the settings do not ’leak’ between users.

default The default value for the setting. may be omitted if the default value is a non-scalar type, which should be set in the Conf ctor. note for path types: using __userstate__ is recommended for defaults, as it allows Mail::SpamAssassin module users who set that configuration setting, to receive the correct values.
is_priv Set to 1 if this setting requires ’allow_user_rules’ when run from spamd.
is_admin Set to 1 if this setting can only be set in the system-wide config when run from spamd. (All settings can be used by local programs run directly by the user.)
is_frequent Set to 1 if this value occurs frequently in the config. this means it’s looked up first for speed.
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