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Manual Reference Pages  -  MAIL::SPOOL::NODE (3)

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Mail::Spool::Node - Mail Spool inode encapsulization



  #!/usr/bin/perl -w
  package MySpoolNode;

  use Mail::Spool::Node;
  @ISA = qw(Mail::Spool::Node);

  # OR

  sub new {
    my $self = __PACKAGE__->SUPER::new(@_);

    ### do my own stuff here

    return $self;


Mail::Spool::Node is intended as an encapsulization of an inode for use by Mail::Spool::Handle. It has been written with the intent of being able to use a database or other file system as a backend.


Properties of Mail::Spool::Node are accessed methods of the same name. They may be set by calling the method and passing the new value as an argument. For example:

  my $from = $self->from;

The following properties are available:
to Returns the To email address of this node.
from Returns the From email address of this node.
id Returns the message id of this node.
time Returns the time this node was placed in the spool.
msh Returns the mail spool handle that this node is in.
name Returns the filename of this node in the mail spool handle directory.


new Returns a Mail::Spool::Node object. Arguments in the form of a hash or hash ref are used to populate the object. Also calls load_node_properties.
can_process Returns whether the node is eligible for processing. This is based upon how long it has been in the mail spool handle.
size Returns the size of the node in bytes.
lock_node Locks the node to prevent any other process from trying to write to it. This is done via File::NFSLock. Returns the lock object.
lock_error Returns the error of File::NFSLock should something happen during the locking process.
filehandle Returns an IO::Handle style object opened to the filename of this node.
filename Returns the filename of this node.
fallback_filename Returns the place to put this file in case the node could not be sent right now. Returns undef if fallback cannot proceed (undeliverable).
fallback Actually perform the fallback operation.
delete_node Unlink the node from the directory.


Please see also Mail::Spool, Mail::Spool::Handle.


  Copyright (C) 2001, Paul T Seamons

  This package may be distributed under the terms of either the
  GNU General Public License
    or the
  Perl Artistic License

  All rights reserved.

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