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Manual Reference Pages  -  NET::AMAZON::PROPERTY (3)

.ds Aq ’


Net::Amazon::Property - Baseclass for products on



  use Net::Amazon;

  # ...

  if($resp->is_success()) {
      for my $prop ($resp->properties) {
          print $_->ProductName(), " ",
                $_->Manufacturer(), " ",
                $_->OurPrice(), "\n";


Net::Amazon::Property is the baseclass for results returned from Amazon web service queries. The term ’properties’ is used as a generic description for an item on

Typically, the properties() method of a Net::Amazon::Response::* object will return one or more objects of class Net::Amazon::Property or one of its subclasses, e.g. Net::Amazon::Property::Book or Net::Amazon::Property::CD.

While Net::Amazon::Property objects expose accessors for all fields returned in the XML response (like OurPrice(), ListPrice(), Manufacturer(), Asin(), Catalog(), ProductName(), subclasses might define their own accessors to more class-specific fields (like the iNet::Amazon::Property::Book’s authors() method returning a list of authors, while Net::Amazon::Property’s Authors() method will return a reference to a sub-hash containing a Author field, just like the response’s XML contained it).


Methods vary, depending on the item returned from a query. Here’s the most common ones. They’re all accessors, meaning they can be used like Method() to retrieve the value or like Method($value) to set the value of the field.
Asin() The item’s ASIN number. This option is deprecated, please use ASIN.
ASIN() The item’s ASIN number.
ProductName() Book title, CD album name or item name. This option is actually an alias for the method title, and is actually dependent upon the type of item returned.
Availability() Text string describing if the item is available. Examples: "Usually ships within 24 hours" or "Out of Print--Limited Availability".
Catalog() Shows the catalog the item was found in: Book, Music, Classical, Electronics etc.
Authors() Returns a sub-hash with a Author key, which points to either a single $scalar or to a reference of an array containing author names as scalars.
ReleaseDate() Item’s release date, format is NN Monthname, Year.
Manufacturer() Music label, publishing company or manufacturer
ImageUrlSmall() URL to a small (thumbnail) image of the item
ImageUrlMedium() URL to a medium-size image of the item
ImageUrlLarge() URL to a large image of the item
ListPrice() List price of the item
OurPrice() Amazon price of the item
UsedPrice() Used price of the item
RawListPrice() Unformatted list price as an integer, without currency symbol.
CurrencyCode() The currency code for the ListPrice(), e.g. USD.
SalesRank() Sales rank of the item (contains digits and commas, like 1,000,001)
Media() Type of media (Paperback, etc.).
NumMedia() Number of media the item carries (1,2 CDs etc.).
ProductDescription() Lengthy textual description of the product.
CollectiblePrice() Lowest price in Collectible category.
CollectibleCount() Number of offerings in Collectible category.
NumberOfOfferings() Total number of offerings in all categories.
UsedCount() Number of offerings in Used category.
TotalOffers() Number of offerings of the product.
ThirdPartyNewPrice() Lowest price in Third Party New category.
ThirdPartyNewCount() Number of offerings in Third Party New category.
SmallImageWidth() Return the width of the small image in pixels.
SmallImageHeight() Return the height of the small image in pixels.
MediumImageWidth() Return the width of the medium image in pixels.
MediumImageHeight() Return the height of the medium image in pixels.
LargeImageWidth() Return the width of the large image in pixels.
LargeImageHeight() Return the height of the large image in pixels.
SuperSaverShipping() Boolean value that indicates if the product is eligible for super saver shipping.
year() The release year extracted from ReleaseDate().
browse_nodes() Returns a list of browse nodes (text string categories) for this item.
similar_asins() Returns a list of ASINs of similar items for this item.
SimilarProducts() Returns a list of ASINs and titles of similar items for this item.
Please check the subclasses of Net::Amazon::Property for specialized methods.


Mike Schilli, <>


Copyright 2003 by Mike Schilli <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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