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Manual Reference Pages  -  NET::LDAP::SHELL (3)

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Net::LDAP::Shell - an interactive LDAP shell



my $shell = Net::LDAP::Shell->new(); $shell->run();


<B>Net::LDAP::ShellB> is the base module for an interactive LDAP shell, modeled after the Unix CLI but hopefully nowhere near as complicated. It has both builtin commands (found by running ’builtins’ on the CLI) and external commands (?).

You probably want to actually just run ’perldoc ldapsh’, rather than reading this.


assign Adds a variable.
command Takes the command typed by the user and Does the Right Thing(TM). Accepts a single typed command as an argument, and returns the return value of the executed command.
gnureadline What kind of readline are we? GNU ReadLine has some special capabilities.
load My own little version of autoload. Once <B>commandB> has found that a command is not a builtin command, it runs <B>loadB> to try to autoload the command. <B>loadB> searches its path (stored in $CONFIG{’PATH’}) for other commands, and if it finds any it returns the package of the command; otherwise it returns null.
loadhistory Load the history file.
loadprofile Load the profile.
new The constructor for the shell. Accepts a hash as arguments, containing anything that is otherwise in the %CONFIG hash.
parse Actually parses the command line. Accepts a string (the command as typed by the user) and returns an array.
prompt Prints the prompt. Does various replacements on the $CONFIG{’prompt’} string to make the prompt meaningful. This is called at the end of every completed command.
resetline Clears the current line and provides another prompt. Usually the result of ^C.
run Executes the shell. Yah, this is probably redundant, but I don’t really care...
search An ldapsearch command which must be called as an object method; it takes its config info from the %CONFIG hash and performs a search. It returns a list of entries if any are found, and returns null if none are. It sets <B>errorB> if an error was found.
teardown Clean up everything and close.
term Return the ReadLine object.
termattrs Return the ReadLine attributes
writehistory Write the history file.
shellSearch An ldapsearch command which can be called independently, and is exported for use by external commands. Otherwise it is exactly equivalent to the <B>searchB> method.
buildins Constructs the builtin commands on demand. Returns null on failure and returns the command on success.


See ldapsh.


ldapsh, Net::LDAP


Luke A. Kanies,

$Id:,v 1.16 2004/03/25 19:59:15 luke Exp $


Hey! <B>The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:B>
Around line 401: =cut found outside a pod block. Skipping to next block.
Around line 431: =cut found outside a pod block. Skipping to next block.
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