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Manual Reference Pages  -  OPENXPKI::DEBUG (3)

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OpenXPKI::Debug - central debugging class of OpenXPKI.



This is the central debugging module of OpenXPKI. If you write a new module then you can include it by simply making an appropriate use statement:

use OpenXPKI::Debug;

It is not necessary to remove this line if you don’t debug your code. The activation of the debugging statements is handled by some static variables of the debug module. If you want to debug your code then you have to do the following.
1. Include some debug statements into your module code: my $variable = some critical content; ##! 2: $variable

A debug statement must be started with \s*##!. The next number specifies the debug level. Higher levels mean more messages. If the message is important then you should choose a small number bigger than zero. The colon is a separator. After the colon the code follows which will be executed.

If we use debug level 1 for this module then the above message will not be displayed. If you use 3 then the above message will be displayed.

2. Use your module: Add to the startup script the following lines:

use OpenXPKI::Debug; $OpenXPKI::Debug::LEVEL{’MyM.*’} = 100;

require MyModule; ## or require a module which use my Module

In practice you will only have to add the LEVEL line because require is used to load the server which does the rest for you.

Please remember to not implement a use statement before you run require after you specified the debug level. This debug module manipulates the code parsing of Perl!!!



This function is executed if you call use or require for a module. It checks if debugging is activated for this module and decides whether a source filter has to be loaded or not.


is the function which implements the source filtering for the debugging. The function will only be used if the debugging was activated by the import function. Please see Filter::Util::Call for more details.


This function builds the debug message. It outputs such things like the debug level, the module name and the source code line.


This method is used to censor debug messages that potentially contain confidential information such as passwords or private keys.

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