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Manual Reference Pages  -  PRIMA::HELPVIEWER (3)

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Prima::HelpViewer - the built-in pod file browser



The module presents two packages, Prima::HelpViewer and Prima::PodViewWindow. Their sole purpose is to serve as a mediator between Prima::PodView package, the toolkit help interface and the user. Prima::PodViewWindow includes all the user functionality, including ( but not limited to :) text search, color and font setup, printing etc. Prima::HelpViewer provides two methods - open and close, used by Prima::Application for help viewer invocation.


The browser can be used to view and print POD ( plain old documentation ) files. See the command overview below for more detailed description:
Open Presents a file selection dialog, when the user can select a file to browse in the viewer. The file must contain POD content, otherwise a warning is displayed.
Goto Asks for a manpage, that is searched in PATH and the installation directories.
New window Opens the new viewer window with the same context.
Run Commands in this group call external processes
p-class p-class is Prima utility for displaying the widget class hierachies. The command asks for Prima class to display the hierachy information for.
Print Provides a dialog, when the user can select the appropriate printer device and its options.

Prints the current topic to the selected printer.

If Full text view menu item is checked, prints the whole manpage.

Close window Closes the window.
Close all windows Closes all help viewer windows.
Increase font Increases the currently selected font by 2 points.
Decrease font Decreases the currently selected font by 2 points.
Full text view If checked, the whole manpage is displayed. Otherwise, its content is presented as a set of topic, and only one topic is displayed.
Find Presents a find dialog, where the user can select the text to search and the search options - the search direction, scope, and others.
Find again Starts search for the text, entered in the last find dialog, with the same search options.
Fast find The following commands provide a simple vi-style text search functionality - character keys ?,/,n,N bound to the commands below:
Forward Presents an input line where a text can be entered; the text search is performed parallel to the input.
Backward Same as Forward option, except that the serach direction is backwards.
Repeat forward Repeat the search in the same direction as the initial search was being invoked.
Repeat backward Repeat the search in the reverse direction as the initial search was being invoked.
Setup Presents a setup dialog, where the user can select appropriate fonts and colors.
Back Displays the previously visited manpage ( or topic )
Forward Displays the previously visited manpage ( or topic ), that was left via Back command.
Up Displays the upper level topic within a manpage.
Previous Moves to the previous topic within a manpage.
Next Moves to the next topic within a manpage.
About Displays the information about the help viewer.
Help Displays the information about the usage of the help viewer


Dmitry Karasik, <>.


This program is distributed under the BSD License.
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