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Manual Reference Pages  -  PRIMA::INPUTLINE (3)

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Prima::InputLine - standard input line widget



The class provides basic functionality of an input line, including hidden input, read-only state, selection, and clipboard operations. The input line text data is contained in text property.



Change The notification is called when the text property is changed, either interactively or as a result of direct call.


alignment INTEGER One of the following ta:: constants, defining the text alignment:


Default value: ta::Left

autoHeight BOOLEAN If 1, adjusts the height of the widget automatically when its font changes.

Default value: 1

autoSelect BOOLEAN If 1, all the text is selected when the widget becomes focused.

Default value: 1

autoTab BOOLEAN If 1, the keyboard kb::Left and kb::Right commands, if received when the cursor is at the beginning or at the end of text, and cannot be mover farther, not processed. The result of this is that the default handler moves focus to a neighbor widget, in a way as if the Tab key was pressed.

Default value: 0

borderWidth INTEGER Width of 3d-shade border around the widget.

Default value: 2

charOffset INTEGER Selects the position of the cursor in characters starting from the beginning of visual text.
firstChar Selects the first visible character of text
insertMode BOOLEAN Governs the typing mode - if 1, the typed text is inserted, if 0, the text overwrites the old text. When insertMode is 0, the cursor shape is thick and covers the whole character; when 1, it is of default width.

Default toggle key: Insert

maxLen INTEGER The maximal length of the text, that can be stored into text or typed by the user.

Default value: 256

passwordChar CHARACTER A character to be shown instead of the text letters when writeOnly property value is 1.

Default value: *

readOnly BOOLEAN If 1, the text cannot be edited by the user.

Default value: 0

selection START, END Two integers, specifying the beginning and the end of the selected text. A case with no selection is when START equals END.
selStart INTEGER Selects the start of text selection.
selEnd INTEGER Selects the end of text selection.
textDirection BOOLEAN. If set, indicates RTL text input.
textRef SCALAR_REF If not undef, contains reference to the scalar that holds the text of the input line. All changes to ::text property are reflected there. The direct write access to the scalar is not recommended because it leaves internal structures inconsistent, and the only way to synchronize structures is to set-call either ::textRef or ::text after every such change.

If undef, the internal text container is used.

Default value: undef

wordDelimiters STRING Contains string of character that are used for locating a word break. Default STRING value consists of punctuation marks, space and tab characters, and \xff character.
writeOnly BOOLEAN If 1, the input is not shown but mapped to passwordChar characters. Useful for a password entry.

Default value: 0


copy Copies the selected text, if any, to the clipboard.

Default key: Ctrl+Insert

cut Cuts the selected text into the clipboard.

Default key: Shift+Delete

delete Removes the selected text.

Default key: Delete

paste Copies text from the clipboard and inserts it in the cursor position.

Default key: Shift+Insert

select_all Selects all text

    Bi-directional input and output

When bidi is enabled, methods firstChar, charOffset, selection etc change their meaning, so that these cannot be used to calculate text offsets f.ex. via substr. Also, selection ranges of bidi text are not straighforward. Use the following methods whenever text manipulations are needed:
has_bidi_data Returns 1 if visual layout does not correspond to storage layout.
char_at OFFSET Returns character at OFFSET
offset2strpos Converts visual offset to storage offset
char_offset_strpos Returns the character offset in storage directly under the cursor.
selection_strpos Returns range of characters covered by the selection.


Dmitry Karasik, <>.


Prima, Prima::Widget, Prima::Bidi, examples/
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