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Manual Reference Pages  -  RDF::TRINE::STORE::LANGUAGEPREFERENCE (3)

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RDF::Trine::Store::LanguagePreference - RDF Store proxy for filtering language tagged literals



This document describes RDF::Trine::Store::LanguagePreference version 1.014


 use RDF::Trine::Store::LanguagePreference;


RDF::Trine::Store::LanguagePreference provides a RDF::Trine::Store API to filter the statements made available from some underlying store object based on a users’ language preferences (e.g. coming from an Accept-Language HTTP header value).


Beyond the methods documented below, this class inherits methods from the RDF::Trine::Store class.
new ( $store, { $lang1 => $q1, $lang2 => $q2, ... } ) Returns a new storage object that will act as a proxy for the $store object, filtering language literals based on the expressed language preferences.
new_with_config ( $hashref ) Returns a new storage object configured with a hashref with certain keys as arguments.

The storetype key must be LanguagePreference for this backend.

The following key must also be used:
store A configuration hash for the underlying store object.
preferred_languages A hash reference mapping language tags to quality values in the range [0, 1]. The referent may be changed between operations to change the set of preferred languages used in statement matching.

new_with_config ( \%config ) Returns a new RDF::Trine::Store object based on the supplied configuration hashref.
language_preferences Returns a hash of the language preference quality values.
language_preference( $lang ) Return the quality value preference for the given language.
update_language_preference( $lang => $qvalue ) Update the quality value preference for the given language.
get_statements ( $subject, $predicate, $object [, $context] ) Returns a stream object of all statements matching the specified subject, predicate and objects. Any of the arguments may be undef to match any value.
count_statements ( $subject, $predicate, $object, $context ) Returns a count of all the statements matching the specified subject, predicate, object, and context. Any of the arguments may be undef to match any value.
qvalueForLanguage ( $language, \%cache ) Returns the q-value for $language based on the current language preference. %cache is used across multiple calls to this method for performance reasons.
siteQValueForLanguage ( $language ) Returns an implementation-specific q-value preference for the given $language. This method may be overridden by subclasses to control the default preferred language.
availableLanguagesForStatement( $statement ) Returns a list of language tags that are available in the underlying store for the given statement object. For example, if $statement represented the triple:

 dbpedia:Los_Angeles rdf:label "Los Angeles"@en

and the underlying store contains the triples:

 dbpedia:Los_Angeles rdf:label "Los Angeles"@en
 dbpedia:Los_Angeles rdf:label "XXXXXX"@ja
 dbpedia:Los_Angeles rdf:label "XXX-XXXXXXXX"@ru

then the return value would be (en, ja, ru).

languagePreferenceAllowsStatement ( $statement, \%cache ) Returns true if the $statement is allowed by the current language preference. %cache is used across multiple calls to this method for performance reasons.
supports ( [ $feature ] ) If $feature is specified, returns true if the feature is supported by the store, false otherwise. If $feature is not specified, returns a list of supported features.


Please report any bugs or feature requests to through the GitHub web interface at <>.


Gregory Todd Williams <>


Copyright (c) 2006-2012 Gregory Todd Williams. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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