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Manual Reference Pages  -  RPC::EXTDIRECT::API::ACTION (3)

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RPC::ExtDirect::API::Action - Ext.Direct Action object



This package implements an Ext.Direct Action object that holds Action’s properties, and a set of Methods. You can subclass this package to change its behavior.

This document does not provide an overview of an Action. For that information, see ACTIONS AND METHODS in RPC::ExtDirect::API.


RPC::ExtDirect::API::Action provides several public methods:
HOOK_TYPES Class/instance method. Returns the list of supported hook types. See HOOKS in RPC::ExtDirect for more information.
new Constructor. Returns a new RPC::ExtDirect::API::Action object. Accepts named arguments in a hash.

config A RPC::ExtDirect::Config instance to be used with this Action.

This parameter is mandatory.

action The name for this Action.

This parameter is mandatory.

package The package this Action represents, and which this Action’s Methods belong to.

This parameter is mandatory.

methods An arrayref of RPC::ExtDirect::API::Method instances to be added to this Action, or new in RPC::ExtDirect::API::Method parameters for the new Methods to be instantiated and added to the Action.
before|instead|after A RPC::ExtDirect::API::Hook definitions to be set in the corresponding slot for this Action.

merge Instance method. Add Methods from a passed Action instance to this Action object. Accepts one ordered argument, the Action to copy Methods from.
methods Instance method. Return the list of names for the Methods in this Action.
remoting_methods Instance method. Return the list of names for the remoting Methods in this Action (see Remoting API).
polling_methods Instance method. Return the list of names for the polling Methods in this Action (see Polling API).
remoting_api Instance method. Return the list of API definitions for this Action’s Methods. See get_api_definition in RPC::ExtDirect::API::Method.
has_pollHandlers Instance method. Return true if this Action has at least one Poll Handler method.
add_method Instance method. Add a Method object to this Action, or create a new Method object, and add it. Accepts one ordered argument, an RPC::ExtDirect::API::Method instance or a hashref of new in RPC::ExtDirect::API::Method parameters.
method Instance method. Return the corresponding Method object by its name. Accepts one ordered argument: Method name.


For RPC::ExtDirect::API::Action, the following accessor methods are provided:
config Return the RPC::ExtDirect::Config instance assigned to this Action object.
name Return this Action’s name.
package Return this Action’s package.
before|instead|after Return the Hook object for the corresponding hook slot assigned to this Action.
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