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Manual Reference Pages  -  RT::CLIENT::REST::EXCEPTION (3)

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RT::Client::REST::Exception -- exceptions thrown by RT::Client::REST methods.



These are exceptions that are thrown by various RT::Client::REST methods.


<B>RT::Client::REST::ExceptionB> This exception is virtual — it is never thrown. It is used to group all the exceptions in this category.
<B>RT::Client::REST::OddNumberOfArgumentsExceptionB> This means that the method you called wants key-value pairs.
<B>RT::Client::REST::InvaildObjectTypeExceptionB> Thrown when you specify an invalid type to show(), edit(), or search() methods.
<B>RT::Client::REST::RequiredAttributeUnsetExceptionB> An operation failed because a required attribute was not set in the object.
<B>RT::Client::REST::MalformedRTResponseExceptionB> RT server sent response that we cannot parse. This may very well mean a bug in this client, so if you get this exception, some debug information mailed to the author would be appreciated.
<B>RT::Client::REST::InvalidParameterValueExceptionB> Invalid value for comments, link types, object IDs, etc.
<B>RT::Client::REST::CannotReadAttachmentExceptionB> Cannot read attachment (thrown from methods comment() and correspond).
<B>RT::Client::REST::RTExceptionB> This is a virtual exception and is never thrown. It is used to group exceptions thrown because RT server returns an error.
<B>RT::Client::REST::ObjectNotFoundExceptionB> One or more of the specified objects was not found.
<B>RT::Client::REST::AuthenticationFailureExceptionB> Incorrect username or password.
<B>RT::Client::REST::UpdateExceptionB> This is a virtual exception. It is used to group exceptions thrown when RT server returns an error trying to update an object.
<B>RT::Client::REST::CouldNotSetAttributeExceptionB> For one or another reason, attribute could not be updated with the new value.
<B>RT::Client::REST::InvalidEmailAddressExceptionB> Invalid e-mail address specified.
<B>RT::Client::REST::AlreadyCurrentValueExceptionB> The attribute you are trying to update already has this value. I do not know why RT insists on treating this as an exception, but since it does so, so should the client. You can probably safely catch and throw away this exception in your code.
<B>RT::Client::REST::ImmutableFieldExceptionB> Trying to update an immutable field (such as last_updated, for example).
<B>RT::Client::REST::IllegalValueExceptionB> Illegal value for attribute was specified.
<B>RT::Client::REST::UnknownCustomFieldExceptionB> Unknown custom field was specified in the request.
<B>RT::Client::REST::InvalidQueryExceptionB> Server could not parse the search query.
<B>RT::Client::REST::UnauthorizedActionExceptionB> You are not authorized to perform this action.
<B>RT::Client::REST::AlreadyTicketOwnerExceptionB> The owner you are trying to assign to a ticket is already the owner. This exception is usually thrown by methods take(), untake, and steal, if the operation is a noop.
<B>RT::Client::REST::RequestTimedOutExceptionB> Request timed out.
<B>RT::Client::REST::UnknownRTExceptionB> Some other RT exception that the driver cannot recognize.


<B>_get_exception_classB> Figure out exception class based on content returned by RT.
<B>_rt_content_to_exceptionB> Translate error string returned by RT server into an exception object ready to be thrown.


Exception::Class, RT::Client::REST.


Dmitri Tikhonov <>
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