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Manual Reference Pages  -  TERM::CLUI::FILESELECT (3)

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Term::Clui::FileSelect - Perl module to ask the user to select a file.



 use Term::Clui;
 use Term::Clui::FileSelect;
 $file = &select_file(-Readable=>1, -TopDir=>"/home", -FPat=>"*.html");
 @files = &select_file(-Chdir=>0, -Path=>$ENV{PWD}, -FPat=>"*.mp3");
 chdir &select_file(-Directory=>1, -Path=>$ENV{PWD});


This module asks the user to select a file from the filesystem. It uses the Command-line user-interface Term::Clui to dialogue with the user. It offers Rescan and ShowAll buttons. To ease the re-learning burden for the programmer, the options are modelled on those of Tk::FileDialog and of Tk::SimpleFileSelect, but various new options are introduced, namely -TopDir, -TextFile, -Readable, -Writeable, -Executable, -Owned and -Directory

Multiple choice is possible in a limited circumstance; when file_select is invoked in a list context, with -Chdir=>0 and without -Create. It is currently not possible to select multiple files lying in different directories.


select_file( %options );


-Chdir Enable the user to change directories. The default is 1. If it is set to 0, and select_file is invoked in a list context, and -Create is not set, then the user can select multiple files.
-Create Enable the user to specify a file that does not exist. The default is 0.
-ShowAll or -dotfiles Determines whether hidden files (.*) are displayed. The default is 0.
-DisableShowAll Disables the ability of the user to change the status of the ShowAll flag. The default is 0 (i.e. the user is by default allowed to change the status).
-SelDir If True, enables selection of a directory rather than a file. The default is 0. To enforce selection of a directory, use the -Directory option.
-FPat or -filter Sets the default file selection pattern, in glob format, e.g. *.html. Only files matching this pattern will be displayed. If you want multiple patterns, you can use formats like *.[ch] or {*.cgi,*.pl} - see File::Glob for more details. The default is *.
-File The file selected, or the default file. The default default is whatever the user selected last time in this directory.
-Path or -initialdir The path of the selected file, or the initial path. The default is $ENV{HOME}.
-Title The Title of the dialog box. If -Title is specified, then Clui::FileSelect dynamically appends "in /where/ever" to it. If -Title is not specified, Clui::FileSelect displays "in directory /where/ever".
-TopDir Restricts the user to remain within a directory or its subdirectories. The default is /. This option, and the following, are not offered by Tk::FileDialog.
-TextFile Only text files will be displayed. The default is 0.
-Readable Only readable files will be displayed. The default is 0.
-Writeable Only writeable files will be displayed. The default is 0.
-Executable Only executable files will be displayed. The default is 0.
-Owned Only files owned by the current user will be displayed. This is useful if the user is being asked to choose a file for a chmod or chgrp operation, for example. The default is 0.
-Directory Only directories will be displayed. The default is 0.


Three problem filenames will, if present in your file-system, cause confusion. They are Create New File, Show DotFiles and Hide DotFiles


Peter J Billam


Based on an old Perl4 library,, with the options modelled after Tk::FileDialog and Tk::SimpleFileSelect.

SEE ALSO , , File::Glob , Term::Clui , Tk::FileDialog , Tk::SimpleFileSelect , perl(1) .
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