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Manual Reference Pages  -  WWW::CONTACT::GOOGLECONTACTSAPI (3)

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WWW::Contact::GoogleContactsAPI - Get contacts via Google Contacts Data API



    use WWW::Contact;
    use Data::Dumper;

    my $wc = WWW::Contact->new();
    my @contacts = $wc->get_contacts(, password);
    my $errstr   = $wc->errstr;
    die $errstr if ($errstr);
    print Dumper(\@contacts);


WWW::Contact::GoogleContactsAPI uses the Google Contacts Data API (<>) to retrieve all a user’s contacts.


$wc->get_contacts($email, $password) Login to Google using email and password. Fetch all the given user’s contacts. Return them as a list or, in a scalar context, as a reference to a list. Each element of the result represents one contact as a reference to a hash with one or more of the following keys (all fields are optional):
name The contact’s main name as a single string. This may be a person’s full name or the name of an organisation.
family_name A person’s family name (surname or last name), usually shared with one or both parents.
given_name A person’s given name (christian name or first name).
nickname An alternative name or alias for the contact.
emails An ordered list of references to pairs, [$address, $type], where $type is "home", "work", "other" or some custom label and $address is the corresponding e-mail address.
email The first address in emails, if any. Deprecated: use $contact->{emails}->[0][0].
addresses As for emails but $address is a postal addresses, given as a single string.
birthday The date of birth in the form YYYY-MM-DD or --MM-DD.
age The age in years today, calculated from the date of birth.
events An ordered list of references to pairs, [$date, $type], where $date is the date of the event in the form YYYY-MM-DD and $type is the type of event, e.g. anniversary.
instant_messengers An ordered list of references to pairs, [$protocol, $address], where $protocol is one of gtalk, jabber, msn, skype, yahoo and possibly others.
phones An ordered list of references to pairs, [$number, $type], where $type is one of home, work, mobile and possibly other values. $number may include punctuation and comments.
updated The time when this contact was last modified in the form YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSSZ where T is a literal T, SS.SSS is seconds and milliseconds as a decimal and Z indicates the UTC time-zone.
notes Arbitrary text.
child, spouse, etc. Relations are returned as references to lists of names (even mother and father).
organisations An ordered list of reference to pairs, [$organisation, $type], where $organisation is a body this contact is associated with and $type is the type of relationship.
groups A reference to a list of group names
Custom fields Any custom fields not recognised by the module are returned in the output hash with a simple string value.


WWW::Contact, WWW::Mechanize, Net::Google::AuthSub


Fayland Lam, <fayland at> Denis Howe,


Copyright 2008 Fayland Lam, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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