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Manual Reference Pages  -  XMTREGISTERCOLOR (3)


XmtRegisterColor(), XmtVaRegisterColors(), XmtRegisterColors(), XmtRegisterPixel(), XmtRegisterStandardColors() - define symbolic color names in a color table.



   #include <Xmt/Color.h>

   void XmtRegisterColor(XmtColorTable table, String symbolic_name, String color_name)

   void XmtVaRegisterColors(XmtColorTable table, { String symbolic_name, String color_name, } NULL)

   void XmtRegisterColors(XmtColorTable table, XmtColorPair *colors, Cardinal num)

   void XmtRegisterPixel(XmtColorTable table, String symbolic_name, Display *display, Colormap colormap, Pixel pixel)

   void XmtRegisterStandardColors(XmtColorTable table, Widget w, Pixel foreground, Pixel background)

   typedef struct { String symbolic_name;
String color_name;    } XmtColorPair;


table The XmtColorTable in which the color or colors are to be registered.
symbolic_name The symbolic name of the color to be registered. For XmtVaRegisterColors(), this is part of a NULL terminated variable-length argument list and may be repeated any number of times.
color_name The color name to be associated with the symbolic name. For XmtVaRegisterColors(), this is part of a NULL-terminated variable-length argument list and may be repeated any number of times.
colors For XmtRegisterColors(), an array of XmtColorPair structures that define symbolic names and their associated color names.
num For XmtRegisterColors(), the number of elements in the colors array.
display For XmtRegisterPixel(), the X display on which pixel is defined.
colormap For XmtRegisterPixel(), the colormap in which pixel is defined.
pixel For XmtRegisterPixel(), the pixel value that is to be registered with symbolic_name.
w For XmtRegisterStandardColors(), any widget in the application that specifies a display and colormap for which the foreground and background pixels are valid.
foreground For XmtRegisterStandardColors(), a foreground color to be registered in table.
background For XmtRegisterStandardColors(), a background color to be used to register the other ‘‘standard’’ colors in table.


These functions all provide ways of defining symbolic names for actual color names in an XmtColorTable. XmtRegisterColor() is the simplest-it associates symbolic_name with color_name in table.

XmtVaRegisterColors() is like XmtRegisterColor(), except that it uses a NULL-terminated variable-length argument list to associate any number of symbolic_name and color_name pairs in table.

XmtRegisterColors() is a variation on XmtVaRegisterColors() that uses a counted array of XmtColorPair structures instead of a variable-length argument list of symbolic_name/color_name pairs.

XmtRegisterPixel() defines a symbolic name for an already allocated pixel value. Note that it requires Display * and Colormap arguments to specify where the pixel is valid. The pixel value is registered by querying the RGB components of the color and converting these to a hexidecimal RGB color specification.

XmtRegisterStandardColors() registers a number of ‘‘standard’’ symbolic colors based on the specified foreground and background colors. These ‘‘standard’’ colors are the same ones that appear by default in the colorTable application resource. They are listed in the table.

Symbolic nameColor Registered
foregroundthe specified foreground color
backgroundthe specified background color
top_shadowa lighter shade of the background; for shadows
bottom_shadowa darker shade of the background; for shadows
selecta slightly darker shade of the background; for armed buttons, etc.


Chapter 4, Using Color,
XmtColorTableGetParent(), XmtColorTableSetParent(), XmtCreateColorTable(), XmtDestroyColorTable(), XmtLookupColorName().
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