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Manual Reference Pages  -  ZCONFIG (3)

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zconfig - work with config files written in



//  Function that executes config
typedef int (zconfig_fct) (zconfig_t *self, void *arg, int level);

// Create new config item CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_new (const char *name, zconfig_t *parent);

// Destroy a config item and all its children CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_destroy (zconfig_t **self_p);

// Return name of config item CZMQ_EXPORT char * zconfig_name (zconfig_t *self);

// Return value of config item CZMQ_EXPORT char * zconfig_value (zconfig_t *self);

// Insert or update configuration key with value CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_put (zconfig_t *self, const char *path, const char *value);

// Equivalent to zconfig_put, accepting a format specifier and variable // argument list, instead of a single string value. CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_putf (zconfig_t *self, const char *path, const char *format, ...);

// Get value for config item into a string value; leading slash is optional // and ignored. CZMQ_EXPORT char * zconfig_get (zconfig_t *self, const char *path, const char *default_value);

// Set config item name, name may be NULL CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_set_name (zconfig_t *self, const char *name);

// Set new value for config item. The new value may be a string, a printf // format, or NULL. Note that if string may possibly contain %, or if it // comes from an insecure source, you must use %s as the format, followed // by the string. CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_set_value (zconfig_t *self, const char *format, ...);

// Find our first child, if any CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_child (zconfig_t *self);

// Find our first sibling, if any CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_next (zconfig_t *self);

// Find a config item along a path; leading slash is optional and ignored. CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_locate (zconfig_t *self, const char *path);

// Locate the last config item at a specified depth CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_at_depth (zconfig_t *self, int level);

// Execute a callback for each config item in the tree; returns zero if // successful, else -1. CZMQ_EXPORT int zconfig_execute (zconfig_t *self, zconfig_fct handler, void *arg);

// Add comment to config item before saving to disk. You can add as many // comment lines as you like. If you use a null format, all comments are // deleted. CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_set_comment (zconfig_t *self, const char *format, ...);

// Return comments of config item, as zlist. CZMQ_EXPORT zlist_t * zconfig_comments (zconfig_t *self);

// Load a config tree from a specified ZPL text file; returns a zconfig_t // reference for the root, if the file exists and is readable. Returns NULL // if the file does not exist. CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_load (const char *filename);

// Save a config tree to a specified ZPL text file, where a filename // "-" means dump to standard output. CZMQ_EXPORT int zconfig_save (zconfig_t *self, const char *filename);

// Equivalent to zconfig_load, taking a format string instead of a fixed // filename. CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_loadf (const char *format, ...);

// Equivalent to zconfig_save, taking a format string instead of a fixed // filename. CZMQ_EXPORT int zconfig_savef (zconfig_t *self, const char *format, ...);

// Report filename used during zconfig_load, or NULL if none CZMQ_EXPORT const char * zconfig_filename (zconfig_t *self);

// Reload config tree from same file that it was previously loaded from. // Returns 0 if OK, -1 if there was an error (and then does not change // existing data). CZMQ_EXPORT int zconfig_reload (zconfig_t **self_p);

// Load a config tree from a memory chunk CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_chunk_load (zchunk_t *chunk);

// Save a config tree to a new memory chunk CZMQ_EXPORT zchunk_t * zconfig_chunk_save (zconfig_t *self);

// Load a config tree from a null-terminated string CZMQ_EXPORT zconfig_t * zconfig_str_load (const char *string);

// Save a config tree to a new null terminated string CZMQ_EXPORT char * zconfig_str_save (zconfig_t *self);

// Return true if a configuration tree was loaded from a file and that // file has changed in since the tree was loaded. CZMQ_EXPORT bool zconfig_has_changed (zconfig_t *self);

// Print the config file to open stream CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_fprint (zconfig_t *self, FILE *file);

// Print the config file to stdout CZMQ_EXPORT void zconfig_print (zconfig_t *self);


Lets applications load, work with, and save configuration files. This implements, which is a simple structured text format for configuration files.

Here is an example ZPL stream and corresponding config structure:

    iothreads = 1
    verbose = 1      #   Ask for a trace
    type = zqueue    #  ZMQ_DEVICE type
            hwm = 1000
            swap = 25000000     #  25MB
        bind = inproc://addr1
        bind = ipc://addr2
        bind = inproc://addr3

root                    Down = child
|                     Across = next
|         |
|         v
|       type=queue-->frontend-->backend
|                      |          |
|                      |          v
|                      |        bind=inproc://addr3
|                      v
|                    option-->bind=inproc://addr1-->bind=ipc://addr2
|                      |
|                      v
|                    hwm=1000-->swap=25000000


From zconfig_test method.

//  Create temporary directory for test files
#   define TESTDIR ".test_zconfig"
zsys_dir_create (TESTDIR);

zconfig_t *root = zconfig_new ("root", NULL); assert (root); zconfig_t *section, *item;

section = zconfig_new ("headers", root); assert (section); item = zconfig_new ("email", section); assert (item); zconfig_set_value (item, ""); item = zconfig_new ("name", section); assert (item); zconfig_set_value (item, "Justin Kayce"); zconfig_putf (root, "/curve/secret-key", "%s", "Top Secret"); zconfig_set_comment (root, " CURVE certificate"); zconfig_set_comment (root, " -----------------"); assert (zconfig_comments (root)); zconfig_save (root, TESTDIR "/test.cfg"); zconfig_destroy (&root); root = zconfig_load (TESTDIR "/test.cfg"); if (verbose) zconfig_save (root, "-"); assert (streq (zconfig_filename (root), TESTDIR "/test.cfg"));

char *email = zconfig_get (root, "/headers/email", NULL); assert (email); assert (streq (email, "")); char *passwd = zconfig_get (root, "/curve/secret-key", NULL); assert (passwd); assert (streq (passwd, "Top Secret"));

zconfig_savef (root, "%s/%s", TESTDIR, "test.cfg"); assert (!zconfig_has_changed (root)); int rc = zconfig_reload (&root); assert (rc == 0); assert (!zconfig_has_changed (root)); zconfig_destroy (&root);

// Test chunk load/save root = zconfig_new ("root", NULL); assert (root); section = zconfig_new ("section", root); assert (section); item = zconfig_new ("value", section); assert (item); zconfig_set_value (item, "somevalue"); zconfig_t *search = zconfig_locate (root, "section/value"); assert (search == item); zchunk_t *chunk = zconfig_chunk_save (root); assert (strlen ((char *) zchunk_data (chunk)) == 32); char *string = zconfig_str_save (root); assert (string); assert (streq (string, (char *) zchunk_data (chunk))); free (string); assert (chunk); zconfig_destroy (&root);

root = zconfig_chunk_load (chunk); assert (root); char *value = zconfig_get (root, "/section/value", NULL); assert (value); assert (streq (value, "somevalue"));

// Test config cant be saved to a file in a path that doesnt // exist or isnt writable rc = zconfig_savef (root, "%s/path/that/doesnt/exist/%s", TESTDIR, "test.cfg"); assert (rc == -1);

zconfig_destroy (&root); zchunk_destroy (&chunk);

// Delete all test files zdir_t *dir = zdir_new (TESTDIR, NULL); assert (dir); zdir_remove (dir, true); zdir_destroy (&dir);


The czmq manual was written by the authors in the AUTHORS file.


Main web site: \m[blue] \m[]

Report bugs to the email <\m[blue]\m[][1]>


Copyright (c) 1991-2012 iMatix Corporation -- Copyright other contributors as noted in the AUTHORS file. This file is part of CZMQ, the high-level C binding for 0MQ: This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at LICENSE included with the czmq distribution.


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