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Manual Reference Pages  -  STRATAGUS (6)


stratagus - Strategy Gaming Engine




stratagus [-c file.lua] [-d datapath] [-D depth] [-e] [-E file.lua] [-F|-W] [-h] [-I addr] [-l] [-L lag] [-n server] [-N name] [-o|-O] [-P port] [-s sleep] [-S speed] [-U update] [-v mode] [map.smp|map.smp.gz]


This manual page documents briefly the flags that you can give to stratagus , formerly known as FreeCraft, formerly known as ALE Clone.

stratagus is a powerful game engine for building realtime strategy games, a la AoE or Warcraft.


A summary of options is included below.
-c file.lua
  Choose a different stratagus start config file.
-d datapath
  Choose a different directory to use for game data files.
-D depth Set the video mode depth, often called ’bpp’ or ’bits per pixel’. This option is only valid for Win32/NT.
-e Start the editor included in Stratagus.
-E Choose a different editor config file.
-F With this option you can start Stratagus in full screen video mode.
-h Show summary of all options.
-I addr With this option you can specify the network address for network play.
-l Disable command log messages.
-L lag This sets the network lag in number of frames (default 10 = 333 ms).
-n server
  With this option you can specify the network server host for network play.
-N name The name of the player (will appear in network games).
-O Use OpenGL or OpenGL ES 1.1.
-o Do not use OpenGL or OpenGL ES 1.1.
-P port With this option you can set the network port to use in network games. The default value is port udp/6660.
-s number
  Number of frames before AI awakes. This is useful if the AI is beating you hard, and you want to make it sweet like a cat. The higher, the easier will be the game against the AI. Default is to sleep 0 time frames.
-S number
  Sync speed (100 = 30 frames/s).
-U update
  With this option you can specify the network update rate in # frames (default 5=6x per s).
-v mode With this option you can specify video mode resolution in format <xres>x<yres>
-W With this option you can start Stratagus in windowed video mode.


./ Default directory for Stratagus data files
  Default start config file.
  Default editor file.
  Default menu file.
  User preferences configuration file for <data>
  User directory with replays/logs for <data>
  User directory with saved games for <data>


More complete documentation is available in /usr/share/doc/stratagus.


Stratagus needs a lot of data (maps and artwork), that can come from external datasets, like Battle of Survival (BoS), or even from the media in the Warcraft II CD, thanks to the Wargus dataset.

Warcraft II is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.


Stratagus is written by Nehal Mistry, Russell Smith, Pali Rohár and others.

This manual page was written by Anthony Towns <>, David Martínez Moreno <> and Pali Rohár <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

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Stratagus STRATAGUS (6) Oct 2011

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