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Manual Reference Pages  -  DOVERCTL (8)


doverctl - Perform functions on the overview directory and file structure




overctl [ -f activefile ] [ -w wildmat ] [ -v ] clean|convert [ srchash dsthash ]


DOverCtl will perform function on the overview directory and file structure as used by dreaderd. The functions it performs are:


cleans up the directory structure by removing empty directories and invalid or old files that are not used by the current overview hash method. This option can be used at any time.

convert srchash dsthash

converts from one overview hash format to another. This option can take a long time (depending on the size of the overview database and number of groups) and must not be run whilst other programs are accessing the overview database. Do not forget to set the new hash method in diablo.config. This change can be made before or after doverctl is run. The currently supported hash methods are:

crc - the default hash method. This method is the original method used by dreaderd, but does have hash conflicts and doesn’t allow a very flexible directory structure.

md5-32 uses a 32 bit base64 type conversion of an md5 hash of the newsgroup name.

md5-64 uses base64 type conversion of an md5 hash of the newsgroup name. This method uses a longer character set than md5-32.

The md5 hash methods can also take the following options:

/N sets the number of directories to be created. Multiple of these options can be specified, with successive options creating an extra level of directories. e.g: /8/512 would create 8 directories under /news/spool/group with each of those 8 directories containing 512 directories. The directory name is made by creating a hash of the remaining characters in the group filename after skipping the directory level number of characters. Full details of this algorithm can be found in the source.

\\N sets the number of charatcers of the hash to use for the directory name (max of 9). e,g: For md5-32\1\2 on a hash of ’xhpgbjwwlrq2tl1pfq1epq’, the directory structure would be:


giving 32 directories at the first level and 32*32 = 1024 dirs at the second level.

The following option can be used with all hash methods:

:B sets the number of bytes (characters) of the hash to use. The default is 22, which is the maximum length. Using a shorter length will allow shorter filenames, but increases the chance of hash collisions.

-v sets a more verbose logging level.

-f activefile Sets which active file to use when obtaining the list of newsgroups.

-w wildmat limits the newsgroups that are converted. This option is probably not useful outside testing as a hash method is global and not specific to groups.

-m By default, doverctl uses the rename() library call for speed, but this is unlikely to work across filesystem boundaries. If your spool is split across filesystems, you will need to use this option to to force a file copy, instead of a rename.

WARNING: Be very careful running this utility - you can easily lose your entire header DB. Ensure that you set the new hash method in diablo.config otherwise the next run of dexpireover will remove everything.


diablo(8), dicmd(8), didump(8), diload(8), dnewslink(8), doutq(8), dexpire(8), dexpireover(8), diconvhist(8), dilookup(8), dspoolout(8), dkp(8), dpath(8), diablo-kp(5), diablo-files(5)

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