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tunefs.reiserfs(8) progsreiserfs manual tunefs.reiserfs(8)

tunefs.reiserfs - a reiserfs filesystem tuning program.

tunefs.reiserfs options device

resizefs.reiserfs is a reiserfs filesystem tuning program. It changes journal parameters, journal device, label and uuid.

-v, --version
displays current version
-u, --usage
displays program usage
-j FILE, --journal-device=FILE
device where journal is lies. Needed to perform journal replaying (when journal params will be changed) to make sure that no non-replayed transactions found.
-d FILE, --journal-new-device=FILE
new journal device. If you are trying to change journal from relocated device to the host device (new journal device the same as host device), then program will be looking for available space on host device. If free space on the host device enought to put journal on them, journal will be switched onto host device. If the area for journal on the host occupied by reiserfs tree (this possible if filesystem was created with journal on separated device), relocation of data blocks from this area onto free blocks will be performed.
-s N, --journal-size=N
journal size. This is the journal size. For journal on host device it must be gretter than 512 blocks and lesser than count of blocks described by first bitmap block. In other words, journal must be lesser or equals block_size * 8 journal offset - 1. In the case given journal size not equals previous journal size tunefs.reiserfs will perform journal resizing. For relocated journal it will be recreated with new params. And for standard journal data blocks will be relocated first, then journal will be recreated with new boundaries.
And for journal on separated device journal size may be as big as device length - journal offset - 1.
-o N, --journal-offset=N
journal offset for relocated journal. You can't to change journal offset for standard journal.
-t N, --transaction-max-size=N
transaction max size
-n, --no-journal-available
no journal available now. This options lets program know, that no journal available by now. Therefore no journal replaying will be performed.
-l LABEL, --label=LABEL
sets volume label
-i UUID, --uuid=UUID
sets given uuid to superblock
-q, --quiet
non-interactive mode

Report bugs to <>

mkfs.reiserfs(8), resizefs.reiserfs(8), cpfs.reiserfs(8)

This manual page was written by Yury Umanets <>
16 Apr, 2002 progsreiserfs

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