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Manual Reference Pages  -  AMAZON::SQS::SIMPLE::QUEUE (3)

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Amazon::SQS::Simple::Queue - OO API for representing queues from the Amazon Simple Queue Service.



    use Amazon::SQS::Simple;

    my $access_key = foo; # Your AWS Access Key ID
    my $secret_key = bar; # Your AWS Secret Key

    my $sqs = new Amazon::SQS::Simple($access_key, $secret_key);

    my $q = $sqs->CreateQueue(queue_name);

    $q->SendMessage(Hello world!);

    my $msg = $q->ReceiveMessage();

    print $msg->MessageBody() # Hello world!



Don’t instantiate this class directly. Objects of this class are returned by various methods in Amazon::SQS::Simple. See Amazon::SQS::Simple for more details.


<B>B>Endpoint()<B>B> Get the endpoint for the queue.
<B>Delete([%opts])B> Deletes the queue. Any messages contained in the queue will be lost.
<B>SendMessage($message, [%opts])B> Sends the message. The message can be up to 8KB in size and should be plain text.
<B>ReceiveMessage([%opts])B> Get the next message from the queue.

Returns an Amazon::SQS::Simple::Message object. See Amazon::SQS::Simple::Message for more details.

If MaxNumberOfMessages is greater than 1, the method returns an array of Amazon::SQS::Simple::Message objects.

Options for ReceiveMessage:
o MaxNumberOfMessages => NUMBER

Maximum number of messages to return. Value should be an integer between 1 and 10 inclusive. Default is 1.

<B>DeleteMessage($receipt_handle, [%opts])B> Delete the message with the specified receipt handle from the queue
<B>ChangeMessageVisibility($receipt_handle, B>$timeout<B>, [%opts])B> NOT SUPPORTED IN APIs EARLIER THAN 2009-01-01

Changes the visibility of the message with the specified receipt handle to $timeout seconds. $timeout must be in the range 0..43200.

<B>AddPermission($label, B>$account_actions<B>, [%opts])B> NOT SUPPORTED IN APIs EARLIER THAN 2009-01-01

Sets a permissions policy with the specified label. $account_actions is a reference to a hash mapping 12-digit AWS account numbers to the action(s) you want to permit for those account IDs. The hash value for each key can be a string (e.g. ReceiveMessage) or a reference to an array of strings (e.g. [ReceiveMessage, DeleteMessage])

<B>RemovePermission($label, [%opts])B> NOT SUPPORTED IN APIs EARLIER THAN 2009-01-01

Removes the permissions policy with the specified label.

<B>GetAttributes([%opts])B> Get the attributes for the queue. Returns a reference to a hash mapping attribute names to their values. Currently the following attribute names are returned:
o VisibilityTimeout
o ApproximateNumberOfMessages
<B>SetAttribute($attribute_name, B>$attribute_value<B>, [%opts])B> Sets the value for a queue attribute. Currently the only valid attribute name is VisibilityTimeout.


Copyright 2007-2008 Simon Whitaker <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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