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Manual Reference Pages  -  BRACKUP::ROOT (3)

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Brackup::Root - describes the source directory (and options) for a backup



In your ~/.brackup.conf file:

  path = /home/bradfitz/
  gpg_recipient = 5E1B3EC5
  chunk_size = 64MB
  ignore = ^\.thumbnails/
  ignore = ^\.kde/share/thumbnails/
  ignore = ^\.ee/(minis|icons|previews)/
  ignore = ^build/
  noatime = 1


<B>pathB> The directory to backup (recursively)
<B>gpg_recipientB> The public key signature to encrypt data with. See Using encryption in Brackup::Manual::Overview.
<B>chunk_sizeB> In units of bytes, kB, MB, etc. The max size of a chunk to be stored on the target. Files over this size are cut up into chunks of this size or smaller. The default is 64 MB if not specified.
<B>ignoreB> Perl5 regular expression of files not to backup. You may have multiple ignore lines.
<B>noatimeB> If true, don’t backup access times. They’re kinda useless anyway, and just make the *.brackup metafiles larger.
<B>merge_files_underB> In units of bytes, kB, MB, etc. If files are under this size. By default this feature is off (value 0), purely because it’s new, but 1 kB is a recommended size, and will probably be the default in the future. Set it to 0 to explicitly disable.
<B>max_composite_chunk_sizeB> In units of bytes, kB, MB, etc. The maximum size of a composite chunk, holding lots of little files. If this is too big, you’ll waste more space with future iterative backups updating files locked into this chunk with unchanged chunks.

Recommended, and default value, is 1 MB.

<B>smart_mp3_chunkingB> Boolean parameter. Set to one of {on,yes,true,1} to make mp3 files chunked along their metadata boundaries. If a file has both ID3v1 and ID3v2 chunks, the file will be cut into three parts: two little ones for the ID3 tags, and one big one for the music bytes.
<B>inheritB> The name of another Brackup::Root section to inherit from i.e. to use for any parameters that are not already defined in the current section. The example above could also be written:

  chunk_size = 64MB
  noatime = 0

  inherit = defaults
  path = /home/bradfitz/
  gpg_recipient = 5E1B3EC5
  ignore = ^\.thumbnails/
  ignore = ^\.kde/share/thumbnails/
  ignore = ^\.ee/(minis|icons|previews)/
  ignore = ^build/
  noatime = 1

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