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Manual Reference Pages  -  NET::SSL (3)

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Net::SSL - support for Secure Sockets Layer



new Creates a new Net::SSL object.
configure Configures a Net::SSL socket for operation.
configure_certs Sets up a certificate file to use for communicating with on the socket.
get_lwp_object Walks up the caller stack and looks for something blessed into the LWP::UserAgent namespace and returns it. Vaguely deprecated.
get_peer_certificate Gets the peer certificate from the underlying Crypt::SSLeay::Conn object.
getchunk Attempts to read up to 32KiB of data from the socket. Returns undef if nothing was read, otherwise returns the data as a scalar.
pending Provides access to OpenSSL’s pending attribute on the SSL connection object.
getline Reads one character at a time until a newline is encountered, and returns the line, including the newline. Grossly inefficient.
print Concatenates the input parameters and writes them to the socket. Does not honour $, nor $/. Returns the number of bytes written.
printf Performs a sprintf of the input parameters (thus, the first parameter must be the format), and writes the result to the socket. Returns the number of bytes written.
proxy Returns the hostname of an https proxy server, as specified by the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable.
proxy_connect_helper Helps set up a connection through a proxy.
read Performs a read on the socket and returns the result.
sysread Is an alias of read.
timeout Returns the timeout value of the socket as defined by the implementing class or 60 seconds by default.
blocking Returns a boolean indicating whether the underlying socket is in blocking mode. By default, Net::SSL sockets are in blocking mode.

    $sock->blocking(0); # set to non-blocking mode

This method simply calls the underlying blocking method of the IO::Socket object.

write Writes the parameters passed in (thus, a list) to the socket. Returns the number of bytes written.
syswrite Is an alias of write.
accept Not yet implemented. Will die if called.
getc Not yet implemented. Will die if called.
getlines Not yet implemented. Will die if called.
ungetc Not yet implemented. Will die if called.
send_useragent_to_proxy By default (as of version 2.80 of Net::SSL in the 0.54 distribution of Crypt::SSLeay), the user agent string is no longer sent to the proxy (but will continue to be sent to the remote host).

The previous behaviour was of marginal benefit, and could cause fatal errors in certain scenarios (see CPAN bug #4759) and so no longer happens by default.

To reinstate the old behaviour, call Net::SSL::send_useragent_to_proxy with a true value (usually 1).


  "no port given for proxy server <proxy>"

A proxy was specified for configuring a socket, but no port number was given. Ensure that the proxy is specified as a host:port pair, such as

  "configure certs failed: <contents of $@>; <contents of $!>"

  "proxy connect failed: <contents of $@>; <contents of $!>"

  "Connect failed: <contents of $@>; <contents of $!>"

During connect().


IO::Socket::INET Net::SSL is implemented by subclassing IO::Socket::INET, hence methods not specifically overridden are defined by that package.
Net::SSLeay A package that provides a Perl-level interface to the openssl secure sockets layer library.
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