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Blocking Spam - The spammers File

bullet Blocking Spam - The spammers File
As a Solution to the Internet Spam Problem, we have created an easy and straightforward way to block e-mail to a Virtual Server from specific e-mail addresses and domain names.

NOTE: The access File, which offers more options and fliexibility, is now available on most Virtual Servers.

Each Virtual Server has a ~/etc/spammers file which contains something like the following.

# Simply add the hostnames or email addresses on their own lines below
# that you don't want to receive email from
# (lines, like this one, starting with "#" are comments; comments are good)
# Examples:
#  (blocks all mail from the hostname "")
# (blocks mail only from "")
# Sources for lists of common rogue spammers and spam sites:
#  for AOL's blacklist
# for Vixie's blacklist
# for Blacklist of Advertisers
# Promote Responsible Net Commerce: Help Stamp Out Spam!
#   See for more information

Lines that begin with "#" are comments. Other lines contain e-mail addresses or domain names that are blocked. If the Virtual Server is configured as above, all e-mail with or in the "From:" line of the header is blocked.


bullet Usage
You can configure e-mail blocking during a Telnet/SSH session with your Virtual Server. Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and do the following.

  1. Add the e-mail addresses or domain names you wish to bock to the ~/etc/spammers file. You can do this by either downloading the file to your PC, and then uploading the file after making the additions, or using a text editor, like pico, while connected to your Virtual Server.

  2. Run the vnewspammers command:

    % vnewspammers

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