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Vnews Newsgroup Manager

bullet Vnews Newsgroup Manager
To manage Vnews newsgroups online, access the following URL using your web browser.


This will bring up the web-based Vnews Newsgroup Manager. You can use the Vnews Newsgroup Manager to add, edit, and remove newsgroups.

Vnews Newsgroup Manager


bullet Features
A summary of Vnews Newsgroup Manager features follows.
  • Adding a Newsgroup
    To add a newsgroup, click on [ADD NEWSGROUP]. The next page will ask for the name of the newsgroup, as well as the length till newsgroup expires, and maximum size, and whether a user can post or not post to this newsgroup.

  • Modifying a Newsgroup
    Editing the newsgroup is very much the same, click on [edit] to start editing the selected newsgroup. The next page will ask all the same questions as adding a newsgroup.

  • Removing a Newsgroup
    To remove a newsgroup click on [remove], the next page is where you will be asked if you are sure you want to remove this newsgroup. To remove the newsgroup, click on [yes], or [no] to keep the newsgroup, the next page will confirm that the newsgroup has been deleted.

NOTE: The Vnews Newsgroup Manager does not include user authentication. To add a username and password feature, see the following.

During the Vnews installation, a sample .htaccess file is installed in your ~/www/htdocs/news directory.

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