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astscript-psf-select-stars - Select good stars for constructing the PSF

astscript-psf-select-stars [OPTIONS] image.fits

Build a catalogue of "good stars" that will be considered for constructing an extended and non parametric PSF. Here, "good stars" means that they don't have close objects that affect it sourrondings and consequently they are not contaminated. The script will construct a catalog of stars from reference datasets (Gaia) if the user does not provide another one. In addition to this, other parameters like the axis ratio are considered to filter the sample and select only proper stars.

-h, --hdu=STR/INT
HDU/Extension name of number of the input file.
-S, --segmented=STR
Segmentation file obtained by Segment (astsegment).
-D, --dataset=STR
Query dataset ("gaia --dataset=edr3", etc.).
-r, --racolumn=STR
Right Ascension (R.A.) column name.
-d, --deccolumn=STR
Declination (Dec) column name.
-f, --field=STR
Magnitude column name ("phot_rp_mean_mag", for Gaia).

-p, --parallaxanderrorcolumn=STR,STR The name of the parallax column.

-m, --magnituderange=FLT,FLT The range of magnitude.

-Q, --minaxisratio=FLT
Minimum axis ratio to be accepted (default to 0.9).
-M, --mindistdeg=FLT
Minimum distance to more bright neighbour stars. to be accepted, in degrees.
-c, --catalog=STR
Catalog of stars containing: ra, dec, magnitude, parrallax, parrallax_error.
-a, --matchaperturedeg=FLT Aperture, in pixels, to match catalogue ra and
dec coordinates with clumps' ra and dec.
-F, --faintmagdiff
The difference from the faintest star which the user will be determined the faintest star in '--magnituderange' option.
-b, --brightmag
The limit for selecting wider range of bright stars.
-o, --output
Output table with the object coordinates.
-t, --tmpdir
Directory to keep temporary files.
-k, --keeptmp
Keep temporal/auxiliar files.
Operating mode:
-h, --help
Print this help.
BibTeX citation for this program.
-q, --quiet
Don't print any extra information in stdout.
-V, --version
Print program version.

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional for any corresponfing short options.

GNU Astronomy Utilities home page:

Report bugs to

Copyright © 2020-2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU General public license version 3 or later.
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written/developed by Sepideh Eskandarlou.

The full documentation for astscript-psf-select-stars is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and astscript-psf-select-stars programs are properly installed at your site, the command
info astscript-psf-select-stars

should give you access to the complete manual.

March 2022 GNU Astronomy Utilities 0.17

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