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BLIND-GAUSS-BLUR(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual BLIND-GAUSS-BLUR(1)

blind-gauss-blur - Apply Gaussian blur to a video

blind-gauss-blur [-j jobs] [-s spread | -s 'auto'] [-achvy] sd-stream

blind-gauss-blur reads a video from stdin and a mask video from sd-stream. The video is printed to stdout, with all pixels are blurred using Gaussian blur with a standard deviation calculated for each pixel individually. The standard deviation is calculated by multiplying the X, Y, or Z value with the alpha value of the corresponding pixel and frame in sd-stream. The X value is used when blurring the X channel, and analogously for Y and Z. If the standard deviation is 0, the pixel is not blurred.
If stdin is longer than sd-stream, the remainder of stdin is printed without any changes. If stdin is shorter than sd-stream, the remainder of sd-stream is ignored but may be partially read.

Used to optimise performance if it is known that the video is opaque, and to ensure that the output video is opaque.
Blur the chroma only, not the luma.
Blur horizontally only. Has no affect if -v is also specified.
-j jobs
Process the video in parallel, using jobs processes.
-s spread
Pixels with Manhattan distances exceeding spread shall not affect each other. If 'auto' is specified, this value is calculated from the standard deviation used to blir a pixel. If -s is not used, there will not be distance limit.
Blur vertically only. Has no affect if -h is also specified.
Use the Y value (multiplied by the alpha value) from sd-stream as the standard deviation all channels.

blind-compress requires enough free memory to load three full frames into memory. A frame requires 32 bytes per pixel it contains.

blind(7), blind-single-colour(1), blind-time-blur(1)

Mattias Andrée <>
blind 1.1

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