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BNSTAT(1) BNETD User's Manual BNSTAT(1)

bnstat - statisics client

bnstat [ options] [ servername [serverport]]

bnstat is a simple client emulator that can be used to gather player statistics. It is also compatible with FSGS servers, but has difficulty with real servers.
If no servername is specified, localhost is assumed. If no serverport is specified, 6112 is assumed. If no player is specified on the command line, bnstat(1) will connect to the server and prompt for one from stdin. All avaliable statistics for the emulated client type are formatted and displayed on stdout.

Causes bnstat to emulate a Brood Wars client.
Causes bnstat to emulate a specific client. The following client tags are recognized: DRTL DSHR STAR SSHR SEXP W2BN. There are short options which may be used instead for the common clients.
Also attempt to gather bnetd(1) specific information.
Causes bnstat to emulate a Diablo client.
Also attempt to gather FSGS specific information.
-h --help --usage
Print usage information and exit.
-k --cdkey
Causes bnstat to report an alternate key to the bnetd(1) server.
-o --owner
Causes bnstat to report an alternate owner to the bnetd(1) server.
-p --player
Gather statistics only for the specified player and then exit. This also avoids using login and terminal functions allowing it to be used in shell scripts.
Causes bnstat to emulate a Starcraft client.
-v --version
Print its version number and exit.
Causes bnstat to emulate a Warcraft II BNE client.

The current version is available with the bnetd distribution at:

This program assumes that the terminal will move to the beginning of the current line when the carriage return character (^M) is printed. It also assumes the backspace character (^H) will move one column to the left that character printed after that will replace those already on the screen.
The terminal settings are not consulted for keybindings. The following are assumed:
delete the character to the left of the cursor
accept current line
^M (return)
accept current line
transpose the last two characters
delete word to the left of the cursor
delete the whole input line
^[ (escape)
cancel the current input line
^? (delete)
delete the character to the left of the cursor


Ross Combs (
11 June, 2000 BNETD

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