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CIDALIAS(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation CIDALIAS(1)

cidalias - view alias definitions in the NCID alias, blacklist and whitelist files

 cidalias [--help|-h] [--man|-m] [--version|-V]

 cidalias [--alias     | -a <file>]
          [--blacklist | -b <file>]
          [--whitelist | -w <file>]
          [--format    | -f <0-2>]
          [--delimiter | -d <text>]
          [--strip-one | -1]

The cidalias tool displays aliases in the alias file in one of three different formats: raw, human readable and delimited.

-h, --help
Displays the help message and exits.
-m, --man
Displays the manual page and exits.
-V, --version
Displays the version and exits.
-f <0-2>, --format <0-2>
Determines the output format used.

Output format 0 displays the alias file as-is. The blacklist and whitelist files are ignored.

Output format 1 displays the aliases in human readable text and includes blacklist and whitelist info if applicable.

Output format 2 displays the alias, blacklist and whitelist files with field delimiters for easy parsing by another program. Uses options -d|--delimiter and -1|--strip-one.

The default output format is 1 (human readable).

-d <text>, --delimiter <text>
Used when output format is 2 (delimited). Fields will be delimited by <text>.

For pipe-delimited output, surround the pipe symbol with single or double quotes: '|' or "|".

For tab-delimited output, specify only the letter "t".

For comma-delimited output, fields containing an embedded comma will automatically be surrounded by double-quotes.

Default delimiter is a comma (",").

-1, --strip-one
Used when output format is 2 (delimited). If a number is exactly 11 digits and it begins with "1", strip the "1" before outputting it. This is to facilitate consistent sorting of the output for 10 digit numbers.
-a <file>, --alias <file>
Sets the name of the alias file.


-b <file>, --blacklist <file>
Sets the name of the blacklist file.


-w <file>, --whitelist <file>
Sets the name of the whitelist file


Output as tab-delimited, changing 11-digit numbers beginning with "1" to be 10-digits:
cidalias -f 2 -d t -1
Output as pipe-delimited, changing 11-digit numbers beginning with "1" to be 10-digits, then sorting numerically on the phone number column:
cidalias -f 2 -d '|' -1 | sort -t '|' -k3,3 -n

ncidd.conf.5, ncidd.alias.5, ncidd.blacklist.5, ncidd.whitelist.5, cidcall.1, cidupdate.1
2022-04-08 perl v5.32.1

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