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comgeom-g - convert GIFT COMGEOM model into MGED database

comgeom-g [-d debug_lvl] [-v version_num] [-s name_suffix] file.g

Read a COMGEOM version 4 or version 5 format model from a GIFT-style input file, convert the geometry into the internal form used by the BRL-CAD package, and write an MGED-style binary database.

Each solid is given the name s###, retaining the COMGEOM solid number. Each region is given the name r###, retaining the COMGEOM region number. Regions are grouped together into various groups g### based on the region-id numbers. Group g00 gets all regions with region-id of zero, g0 gets ids one through 99, g1 gets ids 100 through 199, etc.

The default input is COMGEOM version 5. Version 4 can be converted by specifying the -v4 flag. For the time being, the DoE MORSE/RAFFLE format (believed to be the original MAGIC format) can be converted by specifying the -v1 flag.

By default, the program comgeom-g operates silently. Because the program may require a minute or two to convert a large database, some users prefer to have various status reports that indicate the progress of the conversion. This can be selected by specifying the -d1 flag (debug level 1).

In the resulting .g file, high-level group all.g is created. If the -s option is used, its argument (without automatic supplying of leading period) is tacked onto the end of the names of all other items in the .g file.

The units used in a COMGEOM file are specified on a header record. The units of an MGED database are always millimeters. comgeom-g performs automatic units conversion using the built-in units conversion feature of libwdb(3).

comgeom-g -d1 -v4 file.g

The diagnostics are intended to be self-explanatory. Familiarity with GIFT COMGEOM terminology will be helpful.

It is expected that the input file should be a valid COMGEOM model. While quite a bit of input checking is performed, wildly incorrect input may produce amusing results.

brlcad(1), mged(1), libwdb(3)


This software is Copyright (c) 1989-2019 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to
06/07/2022 BRL-CAD

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