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DRAWPILE-SRV(1) Drawpile standalone server DRAWPILE-SRV(1)

drawpile-srv - Drawpile server

drawpile-srv [OPTIONS]

A standalone server for Drawpile.

--help, -h
show help text
--version, -v
prints program version number
run in graphical mode (used with GUI specific command line arguments)
--port, -p port
listen on the specified port instead of the default.
--listen, -l address
bind to the specified address. If no listening address is specified, drawpile-srv will listen on all addresses.
--local-host hostname
local server hostname to use in session announcement
--record, -r filename pattern
record sessions to files. Placeholders in the filename pattern will be expanded to generate the actual filename. If a directory is given, a default filename pattern will be used. The placeholders %d (date), %t (time) and %i (session ID) are supported.
--sessions path
where to store file backed sessions. If not specified, sessions are kept in memory.
--ssl-cert cert.pem
select SSL certificate file.
--ssl-key key.pem
select SSL private key file. This must be used together with --ssl-cert to enable SSL support.
--secure, -S
strict security mode. When this flag is set, clients must use SSL to log in.
--database path
the configuration database to use
--config, -c path
the configuration file to use. Mutually exclusive with --database.
--templates, -t path
where to look for session templates
--web-admin-port port
enable web admin API and listen on this port
--web-admin-auth username:password
enable HTTP BASIC Authentication on web admin API
--web-admin-access address/subnet|all
allow access to web admin API from hosts other than localhost

Drawpile-srv supports systemd socket activation. When the server is started by systemd and a socket is passed, the parameters --listen, --port and --web-admin-port are ignored. The listening address must be configured in drawpile-srv.socket unit file. If two sockets are passed, the second one will be used for the web admin API.

Written by Calle Laakkonen <>.

Copyright © 2013-2017 Calle Laakkonen <>
This is Free Software; this software is licensed under the GPL version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

2017 drawpile-srv

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