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EDBROWSE(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual EDBROWSE(1)

a Command Line Editor Browser

edbrowse [
] [
] [

edbrowse [
] [
] [
] [

edbrowse [
] -m[#] addr1 addr2 ... file [

edbrowse [
] [
] [
-c configFile
] file1 file2 ...

edbrowse is a combination of editor, browser, and mail client text based. You can specify several mail accounts and indicate one by its index following the email options.
The options are as follows:
print version
print help
without argument edit the default configuration file. If the first argument is -c filename , edbrowse uses it as config file
exit when it encounters an error, usually used by batch scripts
with no other arguments, interactive mail reader
specify an email account index [#]
fetch mail from all accounts, except the ones that you have marked nofetch.
specify an index [#] to fetch mail from a single account. For instance, -f1 will fetch mail from the first mail account
retrieve and read email (combine the -f and -m options)
like -f and -fm options but pass over the filters
The debug options:
show the sizes of files and web pages as they are read and written
show the url as you call up a web page and http redirection
javascript execution and errors: cookies, http codes, form data, and sql statements logged
show the socket connections, http headers in and out, html syntax errors as per tidy5, tree of nodes internal to edbrowse, side effects of running javascript and dynamic node linkage
messages to and from javascript, url resolution, tidy html nodes
show javascript to be executed
reformatted regular expressions, breakline chunks
text lines freed, debug garbage collection
not used

$home/.ebrc is the configuration file

The error message is left in a buffer, which you can see by typing 'h' in the ed(1) style.

ed(1) edbrowse is, at first glance, a reimplementation of ed
Full guide userguide.html ,type:
edbrowse /usr/local/share/doc/edbrowse/usersguide.html

edbrowse was primarily written by Karl Dahlke <>.
This manual page was written by Alfonso S. Siciliano <>.
April 16, 2018 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE

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