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FINFO(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual FINFO(1)

display file information

finfo [-l] file

finfo displays potentially useful information about the file specified. Options
Display information on symbolic links
File  : The resolved physical path to the file.
Type  : The file's type (regular, character/block special, directory,
        symbolic link, fifo, socket, whiteout, or unknown).
Inode : The physical inode of the file, as used by utilities like
Modes : The User, Group, and Other read/write/execute permissions.
Links : The number of hard links to this file.
Size  : The size of the file in bytes, kilobytes, and megabytes.
        Kilobytes and megabytes are rounded to the nearest hundredth.
Blocks: The number of blocks the file occupies.
Mt Ma : The major number of the device the file is on.
Mt Mi : The minor number of the device the file is on.
IO BS : The ideal input/output block size for the device the file is on.
User  : The owner of the file.
Group : The group of the file.
Last Accessed  : The date and time the file was last accessed.
Last Modifed   : The date and time the file was last modified.
Status Changed : The date and time the status of the file last changed.

    If the file is a character or block special device, the following will
be shown :

Major : The major number of this device.
Minor : The minor number of this device.

    If the file has flags such as those set by chflags, the following will
be shown :

Flags : The file's user definable flags.  These will be one or more of:
        arch, opaque, nodump, sappnd, schg, sunlnk, uappnd, uchg or uunlnk
        for more on what these mean, please refer to chflags(1).

The following are examples of typical usage :

% finfo /bin/sh
% finfo /dev/null
% finfo -l /sys

Exit status is 0 on success or an error number if the command fails for any of the reasons that lstat, stat, or realpath may fail.

finfo may not function properly on non FreeBSD systems.

file(1), chflags(1), chflags(2), stat(2), realpath(3)

Christine Maxwell ⟨⟩.

Dragonflies are pretty.
December 1, 2001 FreeBSD

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