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gastank - Creates a BRL-CAD .g file containing gas tanks.

gastank [options...]

gastank is a program to create a BRL-CAD data base of gas tanks. Up to twenty-six gas tanks of the same size may be created. These gas tanks are solid with rounded corners and edges. They are appropriate for use with millimeter wave signature analysis. They are not appropriate for infra red or vulnerability analysis. gastank uses libwdb to create a BRL-CAD database. The gas tanks are composed of three arb8s, eight spheres, and twelve cylinders. This program may be run interactively or the user may specify options on a command line. If the user chooses to run the program interactively he answers the questions as the program prompts him. Below are the options that can be used on the command line.

-f name.g
BRL-CAD file name.

-n #

The number of gas tanks to be created (must be less than or equal to 26).

-H #

Height of gas tank in millimeters.

-w #

Width of gas tank in millimeters.

-d #

Depth of gas tank in millimeters.

-r #

Radius of the corner in millimeters.

Example 1. Interactive gastank Session

$ gastank
This program constructs a solid gas tank with all
edges and corners rounded.
Enter the mged file to be created (25 char max).
Enter the number of gas tanks to create (26 max).
Enter the height, width, and depth of the gas tank (units mm).
	300 200 400
Enter the radius of the corners (units mm).
mged file:  gastank.g
height of gas tank:  300.000000 mm
width of gas tank:  200.000000 mm
depth of gas tank:  400.000000 mm
radius of corner:  30.000000 mm
number of gas tanks:  3

Example 2. Single-Line gastank Command

gastank -fgastank.g -n3 -H300 -w200 -d400 -r30

Both of these examples produce the same result - 3 gas tanks with a height of 300mm, a width of 200mm, a depth of 400mm, and a radius for the corner of 30mm. The BRL-CAD database file created in each case is gastank.g

Susan A. Coates

This software is Copyright (c) 2005-2019 United States Government as represented by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

bolt(1), handle(1), window(1), window_frame(1)

Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to
06/07/2022 BRL-CAD

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