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GB2JIS(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual GB2JIS(1)

gb2jis - convert GuoBiao Hanzi to JIS Kanji

gb2jis [ -hjespi ] [ filename... ]

gb2jis converts GB2312-80 and GB8565-88 characters to JISX0208-1983 and JISX0212-1990 characters. GB2312-80 (^[$A), GB2312-80 + GB8565-88 (^[$(E), and Chinese-EUC (8-bit GuoBiao) are available for Hanzi code.

Translate HZ-encoding. Regard ~{ as ^[$A and ~} as ^[(B for input.
Do not use JISX0212-1990.
Use Japanese-EUC for output. (include -j)
Use Shift-JIS for output. (include -j)
Use UZPJ for unprintable characters in output.
Force to flush output characters one by one. This is the default when output is a tty.

UZPJ is a description method of Chinese syllables. Any syllable is described by two letters. First letter represents its consonant and second letter its vowel. Tones are represented by four combinations of big and small letters, where big ones are considered as high-tone.

We can translate UZPJ letters into ordinary Pinyin. The first letter is equal to the same Pinyin letter except I, U, and V for ch, sh, and zh, respectively. The second letter is translated by the table below:

|A a   |B an  |C ang |D ai  |E e   |F en  |G eng |H ei  |I i   |
|J in  |K ing |L ie  |M iao |N iu  |O o   |P ou  |Q ong |R ao  |
|S uo  |T uan |U u   |V un  |W ui  |X ia  |Y ian |Z iang|^ ^   |
except the following combinations (":" means dieresis).

|AA a     |AG ang   |AN an    |EE e     |EG eng   |EN en    |
|ER er    |GX gua   |GY guai  |GZ guang |HK hng   |HM hm    |
|HX hua   |HY huai  |HZ huang |IX chua  |IY chuai |IZ chuang|
|JQ jiong |JW jue   |KX kua   |KY kuai  |KZ kuang |LF lu:   |
|LW lu:e  |NO nu:   |NW nu:e  |NX n     |OG ng    |OO o     |
|QQ qiong |QW que   |RX rua   |UX shua  |UY shuai |UZ shuang|
|VX zhua  |VY zhuai |VZ zhuang|XQ xiong |XW xue   |YW yue   |
Tone mark is decided by the rule below.

when both letters are big
when first letter is small and second big
when both letters are small
when first letter is big and second small
when second letter is "^"

A few mistakes may be left on the conversion table.


Koichi and Motoko Yasuoka
27 June 1995 Local

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