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GETDOMINFO(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual GETDOMINFO(1)

getdominfo - map host names to owning organizations

getdominfo [-adv] [-c conn] [-e exclude] [-i dbfile] [-o dbfile] [-m mark-size] [logfile...]

getdominfo reads a list of host names, from either log files or a DB file produced by dns-terror, and queries a whois database for the organizations that own their domains. It writes the results to a second DB file.

If you make more than some small number of whois queries in a given period of time (perhaps a minute) from a given IP address, the InterNIC congestion control algorithm refuses connections from that address for a minute or two. Since they have a monopoly on the database, getdominfo supports configuring a bunch of virtual IP addresses on the local machine; it cycles through them as the source address for the queries. It's easier than writing a gratuitous distributed program to make the queries.

Query for all entries in the input DB file. If not given, reads logs from stdin or files on command line.
-c conn
Make conn simultaneous connections to the InterNIC. Default is 3.
Print debugging info.
-e exclude
A (Perl) regular expression to match IP addresses on the local machine to not use, e.g., unrouted backnets or down interfaces.
-i dbfile
The input DB file, default ip2host.db.
-o dbfile
The output DB file, default dominfo.db.
-m marksize
Print a notice every marksize entries.
Verbose: print progress messages.

Default input DB file for mapping IP addresses to host names.
Default output DB file for saving results.

convert-dom-db(1), dns-terror(1), make-report(1), whois(1)

The InterNIC keeps changing the format of the query responses, requiring periodic tweaks to the parsing code to extract the organizations that own the domains. Now that there are multiple registrars to query, the process has become even more complicated, and this program has not been updated to handle it.

Josh Osborne <> and David MacKenzie <>. Please send comments and bug reports to <>.
August 1999 Fastresolve

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