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GPG-TUI(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual GPG-TUI(1)

gpg-tui - manage your GnuPG keys with ease

gpg-tui [OPTIONS]

gpg-tui is a Terminal User Interface for GnuPG.

It aims to ease the key management operations such as listing/exporting/signing by providing an interface along with the command-line fallback for more complex operations. It is not trying to be a full-fledged interface for all the features that gpg provides but it tries to bring a more interactive approach to key management.

-a, --armor
Enables ASCII armored output
Shows the splash screen on startup
--config <path>
Sets the configuration file [env: GPG_TUI_CONFIG=]
--homedir <dir>
Sets the GnuPG home directory [env: GNUPGHOME=]
-o, --outdir <dir>
Sets the output directory [env: OUTDIR=]
--outfile <path>
Sets the template for the output file name [env: OUTFILE=]
-d, --default-key <key>
Sets the default key to sign with [env: DEFAULT_KEY=]
-t, --tick-rate <ms>
Sets the tick rate of the terminal [env: TICK_RATE=] [default: 250]
-c, --color <color>
Sets the accent color of the terminal [env: COLOR=] [default: gray]
-s, --style <style>
Sets the style of the terminal [env: STYLE=] [default: plain] [possible values: plain, colored]
-f, --file-explorer <app>
Sets the utility for file selection [env: FILE_EXPLORER=] [default: xplr]
--select <option>
Enables the selection mode [env: SELECT=] [possible values: key_id, key_fpr, user_id, row1, row2]
-h, --help
Prints help information
-V, --version
Prints version information

Key Binding Action
? show help
o,space,enter show options
hjkl,arrows,pgkeys navigate
n switch to normal mode
v switch to visual mode
c switch to copy mode
p,C-v paste from clipboard
a toggle armored output
1,2,3 set detail level
t,tab toggle detail (all/selected)
` toggle table margin
m toggle table size
C-s toggle style
/ search
: run command
r,f5 refresh application
q,C-c/d,escape quit application

Key Binding Action
x export key
s sign key
e edit key
i import key(s)
f receive key
u send key
g generate key
d,backspace delete key
C-r refresh keys

Report bugs at <> or contact the author via email.

Orhun Parmaksız <>

gpg-tui is maintained by Orhun Parmaksız, and released under the MIT license.

See the project homepage at <> for full documentation.

February 2022 gpg-tui 0.8.3

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