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HDR(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation HDR(1)

 $>hdr - hexadecimal [decimal] ascii, colorizing, range dump

 $> hdr -r range_definitions file_to_dump
 $> hdr file_to_dump -r 'cookie,10,yellow :padding,8 :size,4:data,100' -o ver
The integer part can of a range definition and offset values can be hexadecimal value starting with 0x

                  format                          range example
  normal range => integer                         header, 4, bright_blue
  comment      => #                               data section start, # 
  extra header => @                               header, @, red 
  bitfield     => [XInteger][xInteger]bInteger    bitfield, X2x4b4 (offset: X byte, x bit)
  skip range   => XInteger                        boring, X256,, your comment

Options can be given before or after the name of the file to dump.
 range_description|r              file name containing a description
                                  or a string description formated as:
 dump_original_range_description  dump the un-processed range descriptions
 dump_range_description           dump the processed range descriptions
 offset                           position in the data where to start dumping
 offset_start                     value added to the offset before display
 maximum_size                     amount of data to dump
 orientation|o                    'horizontal' or 'vertical'
 display_column_names|col         display columns names
 display_ruler|rul                display horizontal ruler
 format|f                         'ANSI' or 'ASCII' or 'HTML' 
 display_command_line             make the command line part of the output
 color                            'bw' or 'cycle',
 colors                           file containing custom colors
 start_color                      name of the first random color to use
 start_tag/end_tag                text that is output before and after the dump
                                       see L<hdr_examples.pod>
 data_width|w                     number of bytes per dump line
 offset_format                    'hex' or 'dec' 
 display_offset                   0 == no the offset display
 display_cumulative_offset        0 == no cumulative offset display
 display_zero_size_range          0 == no display of range with size 0
 display_zero_size_range_warning  0 == no warnings about ranges with size 0
 display_comment_range            0 == no comment range display 
 display_range_name               1 == display of the range name
 maximum_range_name_size          truncate range name if longer
 display_range_size               1 == prepend the range size to the name
 display_hex_dump                 1 == display hexadecimal dump column
 display_dec_dump                 1 == display decimal dump column
 display_ascii_dump               1 == display ASCII dump column
 display_user_information         1 == display user information columns
 maximum_user_information_size    truncate user information if longer
 display_bitfields                1 == display bitfields
 display_source                   1 == display source for bitfields 
 maximum_bitfield_source_size     truncate bitfield source name if longer
 bit_zero_on_left                 1 == bit index zero is on the left
 h|help                           display this scripts help page
 generate_completion_script|bash  generates a completion script on STDOUT

See hdr_examples.pod in the distribution.

Non zero if an error occured.

  Nadim ibn hamouda el Khemir
2019-01-01 perl v5.28.1

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