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HF(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual HF(1)

hf, ef, nf, pf - address to name filters

hf [-1abcdilN] [-f format] [-t secs] [file ...]
hf -x [file ...]
ef [-d] [file ...]
nf [-di] [file ...]
pf [-d] [file ...]

These filters reads the named files (or from stdin if there are none) and replace occurrences of a particular kind of address to the corresponding name:
hf - converts raw internet addresses to hostnames.
ef - converts ethernet addresses to hostnames.
nf - converts network addresses to names.
pf - converts square bracketed port numbers to names.

Options common to all programs:
Dump the hash table (usually for debugging purposes).
Options specific to hf:
Attempt to convert only the first address on a line.
Use asynchronous dns lookups.
Prints both the hostname and the ip address (the latter in parentheses). This is a shortcut for -f "%h(%i)".
Checks the names against ip addresses; that is, the hostname the address resolves to must resolve back to the address or else the address is not converted to a hostname.
Specify a format string containing escapes to be used to create the replacement text. The escapes are as follows:
%h - hostname (%D, %N, %l or even %i)
%D - local domain truncated hostname
%N - domain truncated hostname
%l - long hostname (FQDN)
%i - ip address
%% - %
Unrecognized escapes expand to the character without the percent. It's acceptable to use specific escapes more than once. Specifying an empty format resets it to the default ("%h").
Force converted names to be all lowercase.
By default, hf strips the domain part of hostnames in the local domain. The -l flag suppresses this stripping.
Strips the entire domain of all hostnames.
Specify a timeout (in seconds) for name and address lookups. By default, timeouts are left up to the resolver routines.
Instead of replacing ip addresses with names, just output the raw ip addresses, one per line. No other flags are allowed (or would even make sense).
Options specific to nf:
Force converted names to be all lowercase.
Prints both the hostname and the ip address (the latter in parentheses).
Pad network addresses to four octets.

gethostbyaddr(3), ether_aton(3), getnetbyaddr(3), getservbyport(3)

If a port number has different tcp and udp names, pf will favor the tcp name.
October, 20 2017 4th Berkeley Distribution

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