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hpenc - high performance encryption command line utility

hpenc [options] < input > output

hpenc [options] -r > output

hpenc psk

hpenc -h

hpenc provides command line API for authenticated encryption algorithms, in particular AES-[128|256]-GCM and ChaCha20-Poly1305. This tool is intended to perform bulk encryption with authentication tags for further data transfer. Unlike openssl enc this tool supports only modern authenticated encryption ciphers providing both secrecy and integrity of input data.

hpenc utility reads input data from standard input and outputs encrypted (or decrypted data) to standard output.

To generate PSK one can use the following syntax:

hpenc psk


For pseudo-random generator the following invocation could be used:

hpenc -r


-a algorithm
Specify algorithm to use: aes-128, aes-256 or chacha20
Decrypt data instead of encryption. PSK must be specified for decryption in a command line
Run in pseudo-random generator mode with no input needed
-b block_size
Use the specified block size instead of the default one (4KB). Use 'k' for kilobytes, 'm' for megabytes. Maximum block size is 16MB
-c count
Stop after processing count of blocks. Use 'k' for kiloblocks, 'm' for megablocks and 'g' for gigablocks
-k key
Use the specified key for encryption/decryption. Key is required for decryption and optional for encryption. The size of PSK is 52 base32 encoded symbols.
Encode output or input to base64

On exit hpenc returns 0 if operation was successfull and an error code otherwise.

Generate PSK:

hpenc psk


Encrypt data:

echo 'data' | hpenc -k 8jc38bntqehs31f3q8j4du4ry88k34ugh6eux6aoggpkbywgok9y > encrypted


Decrypt data:

hpenc -k 8jc38bntqehs31f3q8j4du4ry88k34ugh6eux6aoggpkbywgok9y -d < encrypted


Run as random number generator:

hpenc -r -b 1M -c 10 > random


Securely reset all data on your hard drive:

hpenc -r -b 1M > /dev/hda


Move data over the network:

bar -b 16M -s 102400M /dev/vg0/lvol1 | ./hpenc -b 16M -k 8jc38bntqehs31f3q8j4du4ry88k34ugh6eux6aoggpkbywgok9y | nc target 1234
nc -l 1234 | ./hpenc -d -k 8jc38bntqehs31f3q8j4du4ry88k34ugh6eux6aoggpkbywgok9y > /dev/vg0/lvol


Hpenc documentation and source codes may be downloaded from <>.
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