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HTMLROFF(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual HTMLROFF(1)

htmlroff - HTML formatting and typesetting

htmlroff [ -iuv ] [ -m name ] [ -r aN ] [ file ... ]

Htmlroff accepts input in the named files and formats it as HTML for viewing in a web browser.

If no file argument is given, htmlroff reads the standard input. An argument consisting of a single minus (-) is taken to be a file name corresponding to the standard input. The options are:

Read standard input after the input files are exhausted.
Process the macro file /tmac/ before the input files.
Set register a (one character name) to N.
Generate UTF output. By default, htmlroff converts Unicode runes into the corresponding HTML entity sequences (α,  , and so on). Htmlroff invokes for the conversion.
Generate debugging output and warnings about suspicious input.

Most troff input files, especially those using the macros, can be used unaltered. In general, the macro file tmac.html should be processed after processing other standard macro files, as in htmlroff -ms -mhtml.

describes the changes to the input language.

describes the new macros.

Format the Plan 9 web page:
cd /usr/web/plan9
htmlroff -mhtml >index.html

Format a paper:

cd /sys/doc
pic | tbl | eqn | htmlroff -ms -mhtml >auth.html

Mapping from troff two-character names like \(*a to Unicode characters like α.


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