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I3-NAGBAR(1) i3 Manual I3-NAGBAR(1)

i3-nagbar - displays an error bar on top of your screen

i3-nagbar [-m <message>] [-b <button> <action>] [-B <button> <action>] [-t warning|error] [-f <font>] [-v] [-p]

-v, --version
Display version number and exit.

-h, --help

Display a short help-message and exit.

-t, --type type

Display either a warning or error message. This only changes the color scheme for the i3-nagbar. Default: error.

-m, --message message

Display message as text on the left of the i3-nagbar.

-f, --font font

Select font that is being used.

-b, --button button action

Create a button with text button. The action are the shell commands that will be executed by this button. Multiple buttons can be defined. Will launch the shell commands inside a terminal emulator, using i3-sensible-terminal.

-B, --button-no-terminal button action

Same as above, but will execute the shell commands directly, without launching a terminal emulator.

-p, --primary

Always opens the i3-nagbar on the primary monitor. By default it opens on the focused monitor.

i3-nagbar is used by i3 to tell you about errors in your configuration file (for example). While these errors are logged to the logfile (if any), the past has proven that users are either not aware of their logfile or do not check it after modifying the configuration file.

i3-nagbar -m 'You have an error in your i3 config file!' \
-b 'edit config' 'i3-sensible-editor ~/.config/i3/config'


Michael Stapelberg and contributors
06/08/2022 i3 4.20.1

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