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JSBSIM(1) FlightGear man pages JSBSIM(1)

JSBSim - standalone version of the JSBSim open source flight dynamics model

JSBSim <script filename> <output filenames> <options>

JSBSim is a standalone version of the JSBSim open source flight dynamics model library that, given a script file, runs the simulation and outputs the results to one or more files.

Display usage information and exit.
Display the JSBSim version number and exit.
Output the processed data to filename.
Use the data logging directives specified in filename. This option may be specified multiple times.
Use path as the JSBSim root directory (the directory where the aircraft model resides, containing the aircraft, engine... subdirectories).
Use the aircraft model specified in filename.
Run the simulation script specified in filename.

This option is incompatible with --catalog.

Run the simulation in actual real world time.
--nice[=sleep period]
Reduce CPU usage by pausing the simulation between frames for sleep period nanoseconds. If sleep period is not given, it is set to 0.01 nanoseconds.
Do not colorize the output.
Suspend the simulation after initializing it.
Use the initialization file filename.
Print all properties for the aircraft model (aircraft, if the model name is passed as an argument, or for the model loaded via the initialization file).

This option is incompatible with --script.

Set the property named name to value.
Set the simulation rate (dT) to rate. If rate is less than 1, it is interpreted as a time step size in seconds; otherwise, it is interpreted as a rate in Hertz.
Set the simulation end time to time.

JSBSim exits with 0 on success, with 1 if the syntax of the command-line arguments is wrong or an error occurs.

fgfs(1), the JSBSim Web site
2017-06-25 FlightGear

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