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mdcached - A high-performance cache daemon (Bullet Cache)

*mdcached* -h
*mdcached* [-h] [-a] [-d] [-f file] [-i] [-k] [-m #] [-n #] [-r] [-s #] [-t #] [-v #]

The optional argument to mdcached are:
Disable runtime monitoring and adaptive reconfiguration of the server.
Enable debug mode: the server does not fork to background and displays the log messages on the terminal.
file Set dump file name (for use with prewarming or with SIGUSR1). The server has the ability to create a dump file containing stored data. This dump may be created by sending the SIGUSR1 signal to the server, and it may be used to prewarm the server’s cache.
Shows a help message with a short summary of available command line arguments
-i #
Automatically create a cache dump every # seconds.
Bind network threads to worker threads. This option enables a performance optimization which may increase performance when worker threads are enabled. The most efficient case is when the number of worker threads equals the number of network threads.
-m #
Limits memory use to # MiB (default=0, disabled). Enabling memory limits may hurt performance in some cases. The limits are only enforced for the raw data stored in the memory database, and the actual memory usage (which includes internal book-keeping data) may be significantly higher
-n #
Set number of network threads to # (default=2). If Bullet Cache is used on dedicated servers, the most efficient configuration is to configure the number of network threads between 1 and 1.5 times the number of logical CPUs in the system.
Read cache data from the dump file (prewarm the cache).
-s #
Set the default record size, in bytes. Correctly specifying the record size may result in significantly lower memory usage.
-t #
Set number of worker threads to # (default=0). Worker threads are useful only if the number of complex data queries is larger than the number of simple data queries. For normal workloads, worker threads are likely to reduce the overall performance.
-v #
Sets minimum log (verbosity) level to # [0-7]. The log level semantics (and numbering) resembles the ones used in syslog(3).
Bullet Cache is a memory database intended to be used much like memcached, but offering much higher flexibility through use of record tags which can be used to perform bulk operations on sets of records. It has its own binary network protocol which is accessible through Unix domain sockets and through TCP. It is indended to be accessed through a high-performance C library.
This documentation is yet to be completed.

Bullet Cache has extensive documentation available at:
Please report bugs and satisfied user reports at the SourceForge project page (

Bullet Cache and its documentation was created by Ivan Voras <>.

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