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MODLOGAN(1) User Manuals MODLOGAN(1)

modlogan - a modular log file analyzer

[ -c configfile ] [ -r ] [ -u username ]
[ -h | --help ] [ -v | --version ]

Modlogan is a modular logfile anaylizer. It is designed to have variable input, processing and output modules to give one a good flexiblity.
The input modules parse the logfiles. The processor modules summarize the various data elements of a log file and is handed to the output module which makes in most cases a pretty webpage showing all the results.
So far there the following input modules supported: bsdftpd, clf, elmeg, flow, flowraw, hicom116, ipchains, isdn4bsd isdnlog, msiis, msmedia, netscape, pureftpd, qmail, qmailscanner, qtss, realserver, sendmail, shoutcast, squid, wuftpd (also includes lgofiles from proftpd and the like).
The following processor modules are supported: accounting, mail, telecom, web.
And finally the output modules : csv, modlogan, template, tkcontrol, text, webalizer

-c configfile
Specify another configuration file than the default /etc/modlogan/modlogan.conf
It is note recommened to run modlogan as root. By default this is not permitted. If you still want to run it as root you have to use this option.
-u username
If you want to run modlogan as a specific user, you can use this option. In order to use this function you have to combine it with the -r command line switch.
-h, --help
Shows the help text of the program and exits.
-v, --version
Shows the version number of the program and exits.

This is the name and location of the default configuration file.
This file contains the default settings for all the necessary options that modlogan can function.
These files contain regular expressions to group certain aspects of a logfile under a common term, like operating system, user agent, etc.
These configuration files also contain regular expressions to match a certain aspect of a logfile.
This is a blacklist for all the known searchengines to filter them out from the logfiles.

The program was written by Jan Kneschke <>. This manual page was written by Othmar Pasteka <>.

If you want further information about modlogan, see the modlogan web site at <>.
NOV 2002 Linux

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