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MSDL(1) User Commands MSDL(1)

msdl - Media Stream DownLoader

msdl [ options] targets

msdl (media stream downloader) is a multi-protocol downloader for various streaming protocols, such as mms, mmsh, real-rtsp, wms-rtsp, ftp, and http.

-o, --output <localfile>
specify output file name. do '-o -' if you want the file content to be written to stdout.
-l, --logfile <logfile>
print log to logfile instead of console.
-v, --verbose
show verbose messages.
-V, --version
show version information.
-q, --quiet
do quietly. no output.
-c, --continue <url to continue>
continue downloading url. if file cannot be found in local directory, start downloading from beginning.
-a, --auto-retry <num>
auto-retry aborted download, <num> times. if num = 0, retry will be 10 times. '-a inf' for infinite.
-b, --bandwidth <bandwidth>
set bandwidth.
-s, --speed <speed>
set streaming speed. default is "1.000".
* this option may be ignored by a server.
-r, --range <range>
set range (for RTSP). default is "0.000-".
range : [time]"-"[time]
time  : 123.45, 1:2:3.45, 1h23m45s.67, etc
* this option may be ignored by a server.
-m, --metafile <url>
treat url as metafile.
-n, --no-metafile <url>
DO NOT treat url as metafile.
-h, --help
display help message.
-p, --protocol <protocol>
specify download protocol.
--byterange <url>
specify byterange to get. [xxx]-[xxx] range specifier must be digit.
--username <username>
user name for http and ftp.
--password <password>
password for http and ftp.
DO NOT use proxy, even if HTTP_PROXY set.
DO NOT use passive mode in FTP.
--stream-timeout <time>
Quit streaming after specified time (second).
* If you want 30 minutes streaming, do --stream-timeout 30m.
show debug message (super verbose).
use this option to see protocol transactions.
* supported protocols:
    mmst      : mms://  mmst://
    mmsh      : mmsh:// http://
    real-rtsp : rtsp://
    wms-rtsp  : mms://  rtsp://
    http      : http://
    ftp       : ftp://
* to use proxy for mms, mmsh, and http, set HTTP_PROXY variable.
* "-s" and "-r" are for *-rtsp, and these options may be ignored.
* basic authentication is supported in HTTP.
* if no username and password specified in ftp, anonymous will be used.

$ msdl -s 5.000 -r 15m00s-1:2:3.45 
$ msdl --username fuga --password fugafuga
$ msdl -p rtsp -s 12 rtsp://
$ msdl -m
$ msdl --byterange 3000-6000
$ msdl -c
$ msdl --stream-timeout 30m 

metro <>

please report bugs or comments to <>

please see COPYING file in msdl package.
Feb 2010 msdl 1.2.7

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